Animals in Space

Timeline created by cmvgj14
  • In the beginning

    In the beginning
    The first living species to go up into space was the fruit fly.
  • Primates fly

    Primates fly
    The first monkey to fly into space was named Albert 2. Albert was used to measure what would happen to humans internally while out of Earth's gravity. He died on his dissent back to earth because his paracute didn't open.
  • Sucess!

    The Russians send a monkey and 11 mice into space and back!
  • Puppy Dog

    The Soviets send a dog named Laika into space in a compartment of the Spudnik 2. She died four days into the journey.
  • Two puppy dogs

    Two puppy dogs
    The Soviets sent up two dogs named Strelka and Belka. They came back to Earth alive after 15 orbits around the Earth. They had a healthy litter of pups after they were back on Earth.
  • Scruetney

    Activests thought that sending animals up intospace was cruel and unnessiasary because we as humans already know the affects of low gravity on humans.
  • Monkeys fly again

    The Bion satellite sent up two monekys even though was the activests said. The monkeys returned safely but one died days later from a adverse reaction to anesthesia.
  • Neuro Lab Mission

    The Americans sent up the space ship Colombia carring many different species of Animals such as rats, mice, swordtail fish, toadfish, crickets, and snails.