Angela Merkel: The embodyment of a great leader

Timeline created by Christian Zenkl
  • Change Master

    Change Master
    In Germany she is widely known as "Machtfrau", which literally translates to "woman who does". This is unrefutable evidence of her constant chace for progress and to make the future a better place.
  • Good sense of humor

    Good sense of humor
    She´s has an incredible sense of humor, and most importantly is not arrogant. As her biographer stated "In private, she can be extremely funny. She can entertain a whole room by herself.” However, in public she is straight foward and takes matter seriously.
  • Accepts and uses power wisely

    Accepts and uses power wisely
    Angela is being critized because she did not disclose her policies in her campaing. A german philosopher is the lead of the protest. Merkel took the critisism and imporved upon it.
  • Realistic

    Her favorite frase is "step by step" she doesnt like to rush things or simply skip steps. She is a realistic leader, which at the same time, pursues large goals.
  • Committed

    She is committed to making Germany progress. Germany has been one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Under the lead of Angela Merkel, Germany now has a 9% increase in their economy per year, far more that other European or American economies.
  • Uses power wisely

    Uses power wisely
    She has recently been voted " The most valuable leader" in the world by Europe Social, the newspaper. They say that she has constantly shown that she is uncorrupt and knows how to handle a position of power, such as the chancellor of Germany.
  • Positive and full of hope

    Positive and full of hope
    In this date, Merkel did a speecha about how Germany has progressed since the fall of the Berlin Wall. She calls it "proof that dreams can come true". This shows that she is hopeful since she has see how much Germany has progressed since then.