Manny pacquiao

Ang Pambansang Kamao

  • Filipino Independence from Spain

    Filipino Independence from Spain
  • Treaty of Paris Signed

    This treaty marked the end of the Spanish- American War. The United States Gains control over the Philippines.
  • The United States officially annexes the Philippines

    The senate ratifies the treaty of Paris
  • Period: to

    American Rule in the Philippines

  • Taft Comission established

    Established by President William McKinley. The comissoin set up local government and a judicial system.
  • Japan Attacks Pearl Harbour

    Japan Attacks Pearl Harbour
    The Pacific War begins.
  • Japan attacks Clark Airforce Base

    On Luzon Island in the Philippines
  • The end of the Pacifc War

    Japan surrenders
  • Philippine Independence

  • Ferdinand Marcos inagurated

  • Period: to

    Ferdinand Marcos presidency

  • Marcos "Reelected"

    Following accusations of vote buying and fraud Marcos Begins a second term
  • Marcos declares Martial Law

    Leading to further government corruption and economic stagnation.
  • Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao Born

    In the town of Kibawe, Bukidnon province. He is the 4th of 6 siblings.
  • Benigno Aquino Jr. Assassinated

    Opposition Leader
  • Manny and his family moved to General Santos city

  • Manny quits school to work in the streets

  • Manny's father leaves the family.

  • First Amateur Fight

    Wins in a knockout
  • Manny meets Abner Codero

    After meeting fellow boxing prodigy he begins to train in a gym in his hometown.
  • Manny meets Talent Scout

    Manny meets a Talent Scout looking for youg boxers in Manilla.
    At age 14 he boards a boat for Manilla and leaves without telling his mother.
  • Manny begins to train at LM gym

    Manny begins to train at LM gym
    During his first 7 months in Manilla he didnt have a single fight in stead he worked as a metal scraper in a junk yard.
  • Professional Boxing Debut

    After catching the eye of gym owner Rod Nozario, Mannys first fight is televised. He is just 16.
  • Period: to

    Manny Wins 23 matches in 3 years

    Manny is a crowd favorite. Althought he has little finesse the crowd loves his agressive fighting style. During this period he develops his skills and potential.
  • Wins his first championship

    First TitleBecomes the World Boxing Council flightwieght champion after beating Chatchai Sasakul in a knockout fight in Thailand.
  • Manny arrives in the US

    Finds a home in Wild Card Gym in Los Angeles. Owner freddie Roach recognizes his natural speed and power. Under the tutelage of Roach, Paquiao developes his tactical knowlege.
  • Manny's first fight in the United States

    Rounds 5 and 6Manny gets to opportunity to fight Lehlohonolo Ledwaba at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas for a shot at the International Boxing Federation Super Bantamweight title. Manny is given only two weeks to prepare after Ledwaba's previous opponent drops out. Manny wins after 6 rounds. This fight brought Manny to the attention of the American audience.
  • Paquiao vs. Bererra

    Manny faced Marco Antonio Bererra who at the time was one of the best boxers in the world. Much of the Boxing community doubted Paquiao. However Paquiao won in 11 rounds.
  • Paquiao vs. Morales I

    Flghting in the 130 pound lightwieght division Manny lost to Morales in 12 rounds. Controversy surrouding the fight set the stage for a rivalry that would develop over the following years.
  • Paquiao Runs for Senate

    In 2007 manny makes his first attempt at senate. He ran for the Liberal party and lost 65% to 35%.
  • Oscar de La Hoya

    Manny fights De La Hoya who is his Idol. Oscars sucess had made him one of the most famous boxers in the world. Manny had to step up to 147lbs. Manny won the fight in 8 rounds.
  • First Pitch

    Go Giants!Manny Throws the first Pitch at a San Francisco giants game.
  • Jimmey Kimmel Live

    Manny SingsManny Began to grow in popularity. His growing populaty did not rub off on him however. He maintained his humble and dedicated demeanor.
  • Manny

    Manny runs again for senate under the Nacionalista Party and wins 66% to 33%.
  • Sugar Ray Robinson Award

    Sugar Ray Robinson Award
    Best FighterManny wins the Best Boxer of the 2000's award. The Boxing Community labeled Manny as the one of the best pound for pound boxers of all time. Paquiao has a world title in 8 different wieght classes. All in all he had 10 world titles.
  • Today

    Manny Paquiao is running for an unapposed second term as congressman. His estimated net workth in 2012 was $85.