Andres Wall 4th

By wal5947
  • Apr 23, 1564

    Shakespeare was born.

  • Period: Apr 23, 1564 to

    Shakespeare's Life

  • He was married to Anne Hathaway.

  • His daughter Susananna was born.

  • Period: to

    "Lost Years"

  • In 1585 the twins were born (Hamlet and Judith).

  • He was a well known actor and playwrite in London.

  • Hamlet dies.

  • He joined an acting company called Lord Chambers Men.

  • Blackfriars Theatre was built

  • Built the globe theatre.

  • Queen Elizibith died.

  • Susanna gets maried.

  • They leased the globe theatre.

  • He retires and goes back home.

  • Globe theatre burns down.

  • Globe theatre was rebuilt.

  • Shakespeare dies.