Shari Ferrara's AMS timeline

  • Maria Montessori was born in Italy

  • Montessori was introduced in America

    This method of education was not popular during this time period. Montessori method of education was not recognized as a form of education as of yet.
  • Casa de Bambini

    Opening of the first Montessori class.
  • Montessori Congress in Paris

    Seeking a better approach to education, Rambusch met Mario Montessori. Mario urged her to take Montessori coursework and bring to the United States.
  • Rambusch AMI (Association of Montessori INternational)

    Nancy Rambusch was a teacher from New York, a student of french and romance philology. with master's degree in Early Childhood.
  • Rambusch moved to Greenwich,

    Rambusch taught classes for her children and other children in New York city, her family then moved to Greenwich C.T.
  • Whitby School

    Rambusch and a group parents supported the idea of having the first Montessori school in the United States.
  • Nancy Rambusch appointed as AMI representative in America

    Mario Montessori made Nancy Rambusch head of schools for America.
  • American Montessori Society

    The support of training teachers and to publicize Montessori education emerged.
  • Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE)

    "MACTE founded on the dedication to academic and certificate programs for Montessori educators".
  • The Public Sector (NCMPS)

    "NCMPS initiated by AMS to provide quality public Montessori School by supporting schools and teachers".
  • Montessori Public Policy Initiative (MPPI)

    The MPPI was created.
  • AMS Teacher Educator Instructor Academy

    First ever AMS Training the Trainers Course created.