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  • born of at-mun

    born of at-mun
    when a prince is born
  • capture at mun tribe

    capture at mun tribe
    when at mun was capture before they had a party because at mun was going be king
  • at mun in a slave ship

    at mun in a slave ship
    at mun was taken to Boston and sold
  • Boston

    Amos was bought in a auction for 30 siling
  • at mun with the Copeland

    after Amos was at-mun now his new name is Amos now is going to he's new home
  • on vendue

    on vendue
    Amos was on vendue
  • Amos learn how to tannan

    Amos learn how to tannan
  • Amos almost free

    Amos almost free
    after sometime later mister Richardson die so Amos is free
  • Amos was off to buy a wife

    when Amos bought his 3 Th wife for 50 pounds
  • Amos at Jaffrey

    Amos and he's new family are going to build their new home in jaffry
  • building

    they started to build their new home
  • Amos tannary

    Amos done with his tannary
  • house building

    Amos can now work on his house
  • a church member

    Amos became a church member
  • Amos on Monadnock

    Amos on Monadnock
    after Amos got mad at violet because she hide his money so he went on a mountain to talk to god
  • the burdoo's on vendue

    the burdoo's are a family that was poor. so the town can not support
    them. so they were put on vendue so Amos have to buy one then she die .
  • coins on the floor

    Amos went to delver a order for 5 bucks instead they throw 5 sling so he pick them up
  • Amos time up

    Amos time up
    Amos knew that his time is he give his money to the church and school then he died in 11/17/1801