American revolutionary War

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  • French and Indian War

  • Stamp act

  • Townshend acts

  • 1776 - Jefferson Write the DOl

    1776 - Jefferson Write the DOl
    The DOL was adopted by the second Continental Congress. The meeting was held at the state house in Pennsylvania. The date was July 4, 1776.
  • 1777 - American and British Battle of Sara toga

    1777 - American and British Battle of Sara toga
    This war started on the date of September 19, 1777 and ended on October 7, 1777. The winner of the battle ended being America.
  • 1778 - Congress prohibits enslaved people imported to the US

    1778 - Congress prohibits enslaved people imported to the US
    Jefferson was the first won to stop slavery action. Virginia law prohibited importation of any enslaved Africans. In 1784 banned slaves in the Northwest.
  • 1780 - British forces capture Charles Town

    1780 - British forces capture Charles Town
    This was a big Engagement. This end in major British victory. This fight was Between March 29 and May 12, 1780. This was during the American Revolutionary war.
  • 1781 British surrender at Yorktown

    1781 British surrender at Yorktown
    The German battle started on Sep 28, 1781 and end on Oct 19,1781
  • 1783 Treaty of Paris

    1783 Treaty of Paris
    This was a treaty between Britain and the United states that ended up end the Revolution War. The treaty was signed on the date on September 3, 1783. The congress ratified the treaty on the date of January 14, 1784. King George the 3RD ratified it on the date of April 9, 1784.
  • 1776 - Battles of Trent and New Jersey

    1776 - Battles of Trent and New Jersey
    This was a small battle during the Revolutionary War. The war was on the date on December 26, 1776 in Trent, New Jersey. The reason the war was in Trenton was because the Continental army lost and in New York and have to retreat there.
  • 1777 - Howe captures Philadelphia

    1777 - Howe captures Philadelphia
    Washington put 11,000 men between Philadelphia and Howe. They were outflanked driven back at the battle of Brandy wine and September 11, 1777 Suffered over 1,000 casualties.
  • 1778 - Winter at Valley Forge

    1778 - Winter at Valley Forge
    This was a hard winter for the Continental army. Hundreds died from disease. Even though they were suffering George Washington held them all together
  • 1779 - John Paul Jones & Serapis

    1779 - John Paul Jones & Serapis
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    1779 Spain Declares war on Great Britain

    They created a de facto alliance with Americans. King Charles would not consent to the treat of alliance with the United States of america. Spain's entry made sure that the British would spread their resources evening thinner.
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    1777 thru 1778 - State Constitutions

    They were many questions about this. Every state would be made in its own way and have its own laws.
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    1777 - Articles of Confederation

    This was the first constitution of the united states on November 15, 1777. This constitution had a weak central government so it left power with the states government.
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    1785 The Ordinance of 1785

    It set up a standardized system were people could purchases farm land in the west.
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    1787 - The North West Ordinance

    This was adopted on the date of July 13, 1787 by the Confederation Congress. This was method for admitting new states. This also listed the billing rights guaranteed in the territory.
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    1800 - Land Act of 1800

    People had to buy the in the Northwest territory from the federal government. The least they could buy is 320 acres for a minimum of a cost 2$ per acre
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    1781 & 1783 - Plans for first Fed. Tax

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    1784 - Spain closed lower Mississippi River to American Western Settlers

    For the exports of Western farmers. They provided arms to the Native Americans.
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    1787 - Shay's Rebellion

    This was an armed uprising in Western Massachusetts in opposition to a debt crisis among the citizenry.
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    1776 thru 1778 - Manumission

    This was an act of an owner freeing his or her slaves.
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    May of 1787 - Convention

    The point of this was to decide on how America was going to be governed. Even though the convention had be called to revise the articles of Confederation. Many delegates had different plans.
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    Sept 17th of '87 - Singing of the Constitution

    This occurred on the date of September 17, 1787. The signing took place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
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    Dec 7th of '87 - Delaware fist state to approve Constitution

    Since Delaware was the first ones to vote they got to be the first state of the United states of america.
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    June 21st of '88 - New Hampshire ratifies Constitution

    On the date of June 21st New Hampshire was the ninth state to approve the Constitution. After they voted this because the biggest law in the united states.