American Revolution timeline

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  • French and Indian war

    French and Indian war
    The French and Indian war also known as “the seven year war” was a war between Britain and France. The war started after repeated conflict when France tried to expand into the Ohio River valley. Then a series of battles lead to the British Declaration of war in 1756. The British would emerge victorious with many wins and in 1763 at the peace conference the British received Canada from France and Florida for Spain.
  • Sugar and Stamp act

    Sugar and Stamp act
    The stamp act of 1765 was the first taxation on the American colonist by the British parliament. The British taxed the colonist of all paper documents in the colonies. The British also taxed sugar which was a very important resource the colonist used. The reason for the taxation was because of the Seven Years War and the British empire was deeply in debt due to it.
  • Townshend Acts

    Townshend Acts
    The Townshend acts gave the British the right to tax the colonist on anything and gave them the same authority to tax the same as Great Britain. This act brought High tension between the colonist and British government and cause great conflict in the future.
  • Boston massacre

    Boston massacre
    The Boston massacre was a deadly conflict between American colonist and a lone soldier. The event started out as a street brawl between the colonist and the lone soldier, but quickly escalated when a British officer called in additional soldier who were attacked by people throwing snowballs stones at them. Then during the fight someone yelled fired and shot at the colonist and killed Crispus attack was the first person to die during the massacre.
  • Boston tea party

    Boston tea party
    The Boston tea party was a protest on the taxation of tea and taxation without representation. So what happen was the sons of liberty disguised themselves as Indians and board ships and dumped all the tea in the harbor.
  • Intolerable acts

    Intolerable acts
    The intolerable act were in retaliation for colonial resistance to British rule. The British parliament enacted four acts that caused great uproar through the colonies, and will lead to great issues. These acts meant British parliament could tax any British goods and have tax the same stuff that they do in Britain.
  • First continental congress

    First continental congress
    The first continental congress was a meeting in Philadelphia with fifty-five delegates representing all the colonies except Georgia. The reason for the meeting was to discuss a response to the intolerable acts. What the continental congress decided is they wrote the declaration of rights and to fully boycott all British goods.
  • The Battle of Lexington and Concord

    The Battle of Lexington and Concord
    The battle of concord and Lexington was between the British and colonists. the two town were important because they housed weaponry and ammunition. The supplies was very important if the colonist wanted to fight the British. The battle left eight Americans dead at concord and the colonist retreated. British thought they won the battle. So when they marched to concord they where ambushed with colonist. This caused the British to retreated giving the colonist there first victory.
  • Declaration of Independence is adopted

    Declaration of Independence is adopted
    After the congress recommended that colonies form their own government, the Declaration of Independence was written by Thomas Jefferson and a committee. Then on the 4th of July the Declaration of Independence was adopted.