American Revolution

  • The french and indian war

  • The Albany conference

    The conference was an attempt by the colonist to secure an alliance with the Iroquoi confederacy, it failed but it a neutrality pact with the natives.
  • The war expands into Europe

    At this point the war it became a more european conflict than an american one. It would be known as the 7 years war.
  • The end of the fighting in north america

    After an overwhelming british victory in the batle of canada, the fighing in america was mostly over, fighting would countinue globally until 1763
  • The sugar act

    In 1764 the British imposed a tax on raw sugar and molasses coming from french and Spanish colonies. It allowed the seizing of goods without due process.
  • The stamp act.

    It imposed the use of stamps and a direct tax on the colonist as well as allowing British troops to stay at the homes of colonist if they did not pay for their defense.
  • The Townshend act

    After lowering taxes on great British property parliament decided that in order to make money they had to enforce a series of harsh taxes on goods importes to the colonies through the revenue act of 1967.
  • The Boston massacre

    After deployment of British troops in the city of Boston, the colonist protested and in response British troops fired at them in what was known as "the shot heard around the world"
  • The first continental congress

    A group of burgoi virginians protested the arrival of British troops in Boston by calling for the colonies to stop trade with Britain and to call a congress in order to discuss further action.
  • Declaration of independence

    After multiple skirmishes and struggle the colonist decided that in order to gain self-governance independence was the only option and so they wrote a declaration of independence from great britain.
  • France and spain joins the war

    After an American victory in the battle of Saratoga France and spain decide to commit troops for the American cause.
  • The treaty of Paris

    After being militarily kicked out of the continent, the British signed a peace treaty with the colonists as well as their Spanish and British allies.