American Revolution

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  • The Declaration of Independence

    The Declaration of Independence
    The Declaration of Independence was a document signed by all 13 colonies during 1776.The Declaration of Independence was an important part of the colonies getting their independence from Great Britain.This document talked about how colonist deserved rights and that no one can take it away which they felt that the Britsh were doing to them .They want human rights,for them to be equal,and that they should have life,liberty.Thats why the Declaration of Independence was such a major event.
  • The declaration of independence was read to soldiers George Washington

    The declaration of independence was read to soldiers George Washington
    The declaration of independence was read to the soldiers by Geroge Washington in New york.This is important because it gave the soldiers a sense of motivation to go fight for our freedom.This was a way of removing soldier what they were fighting for.In this case they were all fighting for their freedom.The reading of the declaration to the soldiers was something that George Washington felt as needed to be done before going into battle.
  • Battle of Long Island

    Battle of Long Island
    The battle of Long Island that took place in brooklyn and Long Island and the people who fought in this battle was the American Continental Army which were fighting the British.The leader of the British army was Major General William Howe. Throughout all the battles George Washington was the leader of the American continental Army.The British won this battle,therefore they captured New York and long Island.This battle of Long Island ended August 29,1776.
  • Great Fire of New York

    Great Fire of New York
    The Great fire of New York happened because people weren’t delighted by the fact that the British won the battle.Since they won they captured New York .It was said that the fire started about 6 days after the British invaded New York.The fire began september 20,1776 during the night.The fire even lasted until the next day september 21,1776. This fire destroyed was said to have destroyed about 500 buildings.
  • Washington crosses Delaware

    Washington crosses Delaware
    George wahshington crossing Delaware River happened because the Continental Army was going to New jersey to try to attack the Britsh.George Washington took about 2,400 men to cross Delaware.Crossing Delaware didn't take them that long,they arrived Trenton the next morning.Washington crossing Delaware led to the Battle of Trenton.The Continental Army crossing Delaware was a great idea because they ended up winning the battle.
  • Battle Of Princeton

    Battle Of Princeton
    The Battle Of Princeton took place in Princeton,New Jersey. The battle happened very close to when the battle of Trenton since that battle lasted for two days but right after that The Battle Of Princeton happened.The Continental Army ended up winning the Battle of Princeton.This battle was to try to get control of New Jersey since the British had the control.Since the British lost the Continental Army gain control of New Jersey.
  • America chose a flag

    America chose a flag
    Since when declared independence we need a flag that represented new nation.The flag has 13 stripes that represent the 13 colonies.The 50 stars on the american flag now has changed throughout the years because more states were being added
    to it.The American flag that was pick was made by Betsy
    Ross.This flag is very important because it represented the thirteen colonies becoming a whole without the British.
  • Battles of Saratoga

    Battles of Saratoga
    The Battle of Saratoga was two battles that took place in Saratoga County, NY in september 19,1777 and ended on October 7,1777.The Britsh had about 5,000 men and the Continental Army contained about 14,000 men.It has been said that the battle of Saratoga was a turning point because this battle showed how strong America was and it made France realize that. The Americas army grew stong from about 12,000 to about 14,000.The Americas won was because of the low amount of men that the British had.
  • France and the United States creates an alliance

    France and the United States creates an alliance
    France saw how strong The Continental Army wasm since they won most battles.Therefore they agreed to an alliance with the United states. This alliance with France providing military support during the American Revolutionary War.The French was America's first ally because the French also wanted to see Great Britain hurt.The france help a lot in the battles and more troops helped the Continental army win more battles.
  • Siege of Charleston

    Siege of Charleston
    The Siege of Charleston took place in Charleston and ended May 12,1780.The British ended up winning this battle.Since the British won they gained control of the South.America had to surrender and he lost a lot of soldiers.During the battle British captured about 5,266 prisoners.The Continental Army lost about 89 solider and about 138 wounded.
  • Battle of Camden

    Battle of Camden
    The Battle of Camden took place in Camden, South Carolina.This battle caused about 2,000 Patriots lives.During the Battle of camden beloved volunteer DeKalb’s while trying to help the Continental army died from wounds.Also about 900 Americans died and 300 British soldiers died.Even Though the British lost soldiers they ended up winning the Battle of Camden.Thought the British won this war they ended up leaving Camden a while after then won the Battle of Camden.
  • Battle of the Chesapeake

    Battle of the Chesapeake
    The Battle of the Chesapeake also known as the Battle of the Capes took place in Virginia Capes, Atlantic Ocean.In this battle Great Britain and the french fought against each other.The French ended up winning the battle.Since the French won they gained control Chesapeake Bay.This win was great for the American because,since they had an alley with the French troops cold cross the bay to bring supplies to Yorktown for the next battle.
  • Siege of Yorktown

    Siege of Yorktown
    The siege of yorktown was a battle took place in yorktown,Virgina that was led by George Washington and also led by French General Comte de Rochambeau.The troops of the war consisted of the American Continental Army and french troops.The battle was against the Bristish army and the colonists ended up winning the battle.
    This war was important because the Biritish ended up being trapped by the colonists and there was nothing else to do but
    for them to surrender.The war ended october
  • British and Americans sign preliminary Articles of Peace

    British and Americans sign preliminary Articles of Peace
    This document was very important because it was a draft
    for the Treaty of Paris.The Articles of Peace gave American independence from Great Britain.The Articles of Peace has to be signed.The document was signed by the Continental Congress
    on April 15, 1783.This Articles of Peace lead to the
    Treaty of Paris.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    The Treaty of Paris marked the end of the American Revolution.The Treaty of Paris was signed by King George III of Great Britain in Pairs.All of this meant that The British recognized the independence of the United States and accepted it.Another significant point of the Treaty of Pair was that America boundaries were established.The Treaty of Paris came into effect on May 12,1783.