american revalution

  • Taxing

    The colonies are being taxed heavily.they dont have a representitve.They really wanted their independence.
  • The kings thoughts

    The king was furious!He declared massachusetts to be in open rebelian.Commande that Samuel Adams and John Hancock was turned in.
  • lexington

    The night before the revalutonary war red coats were coming to search for wepons. they secretly crossed the river into charles town.In the morning 70 minetmen marched from lexington and foaught the british.
  • the declaration of independence

    thomas jefferso were starting to wright the declaration.some of the congress helped.they worked together to write americas gratest document.
  • the 4th of july

    the declaration was ready to be presented. It was presented to the congres. the room was unusualy quiet during the sighning.
  • Christmas.

    washington went on the ofensive. they crossed the icy delaware river.they finaly sliped into new jersy.
  • encampment

    washington set up his winter encampmen at valley forge. A one day ride from philedelphia. the camp is now the second largest city in the us.
  • the southern states

    the british undertook a major military campain. they obtained savana,georgia and the whole state. america suffered a lot of lsses.
  • the last battle

    a larg force of british soldiers whent to york town. they were led by general cornwallis. they faught the last battle.
  • the end

    the british were in a hopless situation. they sufferd heavy losses. they finaly surrendered. the war oficaly ended in 1783.