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American History

By jlu16
  • Pacific Railroad Bill

    Pacific Railroad Bill
    Despite the Civil War still going on, the government and Lincoln passed a bill to alone the plans of a continental railroad to move through
  • The Sand Creek Massacre

    The Sand Creek Massacre
    The Cheyenne people raids on wagon trains settlements and fight the US Armies but lead to a massacre with 500 slaughtered and Colonel Chinnigton attacked
  • 13th Ammendment

    13th Ammendment
    The thirteen amendment was passed stating that there is now a abolishment of slavery and involuntary servitude’s, except for punishment for a crime
  • Johnson Impeached

    Johnson Impeached
    Johnson was set in a trap by the congress and in this trap he removed many officials without senate consent whig lead to his impeachment, a whopping 126-47 vote
  • 14th Amendment

    14th Amendment
    The 14th amendment was passed and stated a constitutional guarantee of the rights and security of all freed people
  • The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union

    The Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
    The WCTU was one of the first steps into the US Progressive Era. This was a time where alcohol was consumed at an all time high. This organization worked to prohibit this and encourage temperance
  • Chief Joseph Surrenders

    Chief Joseph Surrenders
    Chief Joseph surrenders from a long chase over a tribal kill of officials which lead to a long time of hiding and over 1,500 miles traveled and many people dying
  • The Brooklyn Bridge

    The Brooklyn Bridge
    The first suspension Bridge was created by John A Ruebling and was built in Brooklyn, New York. It became the most popular style of bridges with a main column holding the bridge up with suspensions on each side held by the column in the middle. It was finished in 1883
  • The Dawes Act

    The Dawes Act
    A controversial act called The Dawes Act was passed forcing natives to shift and adjust towards the culture of the American people, meaning the way they live, clothes, day to day activities, etc
  • Gospel of Wealth

    Gospel of Wealth
    An article by Andrew Carnegie that promoted all wealthy to give to charitable causes
  • Oklahoma Territory Overtaken

    Oklahoma Territory Overtaken
    The Land rush race between the Indians and Americans was a race for land in Oklahoma
  • Basketball Is Invented

    Basketball Is Invented
    James Naismitha lived in Massachusetts and along with his wife, created the game today called basketball. This was a huge contribution to urban life in the beginning of the 20th century.
  • Ida B Wells Fights Against Lynching

    Ida B Wells Fights Against Lynching
    When Ida found out about young black business men in Memphis being abducted and lynched she was sickened and wrote about it in her newspaper. She was greatly against lynchings
  • American Premier Immigration Station

    American Premier Immigration Station
    Ellis Island, the eastern Immigration Station was built for foreigners to pass though America under legal and certain conditions
  • Supreme Court Plessy vs Furguson

    Supreme Court Plessy vs Furguson
    Plessy a 1/8 black protested the idiocy of segregation on a bus. He fought in court for it and the court finally riled that segregation is okay as long as its equal. Which was never really enforced
  • Spanish American War Begins

    Spanish American War Begins
    Once the "Maine" is exploded and many Americans suspect the Spanish in Cuba, america starts war
  • Vote to Go To War With Spain

    Vote to Go To War With Spain
    After lots of word spreading throughout the US and lots of american rumores encouragement because of the bombing of the Maine the US congress finally votes go to war with spain
  • Battle of Manila Bay

    Battle of Manila Bay
    The fight on the Cuban side was successfully won with the help of the Filipino Rebels, by the US. This was a short and victorious war that only lasted 6 hours. George Dewey led the troops to destroy Manila Bay
  • Battle of San Juan Hill

    Battle of San Juan Hill
    The battle on the Cuban side was successfully won by america. Led by Theodore Roosevelt, the Rough Riders had an easy uphill battle
  • Annexation of the Philippines

    Annexation of the Philippines
    America acquired the Philippines after winning the spanish american war against cuba. The filipino rebels helped the US against the spanish but they still annexed the country
  • Trust Busting of Teddy Roosevelt

    Trust Busting of Teddy Roosevelt
    Teddy Roosevelt creates trust busting to help break up many monopolies. He along with J.p. morgan started this and went to court with many big companies to do this
  • The Roosevelt Corollary

    The Roosevelt Corollary
    Roosevelt added onto the Monroe Doctrine which stated we shouldn’t be involved with acquiring the america’s by the Europeans and went against it saying they should be involved with those affairs
  • Angel Island

    Angel Island
    A second immigration station was later built on the west coast for people immigrating from Asia to pass though America as well
  • The Suffrage Parade

    The Suffrage Parade
    Suffragist gathered together to make a parade/rally to protest their right to vote as women. There was a backlash of violence at the ending of this parade which caught the american eye
  • Espionage Act

    Espionage Act
    This act forbid recruitments and efforts to promote military through adds and mail. Fines were up to $10,000
  • End of WWI

    End of WWI
    After the US finally enters the war, they aid many countries and after a few months the war ends on Nov 11, 1918 known as Armistice Day
  • Harlem Renaissance boom

    Harlem Renaissance boom
    Music and art stemming from Harlem New York like the blues and art work boomed in the 1920s and Started the new negro movement
  • Last State Needed for the 19th Amendment

    Last State Needed for the 19th Amendment
    Tennessee was the last state of the 36 needed to ratify the 19th amendment and they passed it by a split last second decision
  • 19th Amendment

    19th Amendment
    The 19th amendment passes which prohibits any state denying the right to vote based on the sex of the person. which was a huge win for the suffragist act
  • Movement to Africa

    Movement to Africa
    Marcus Garvey makes an activist move to of UNIA to move all African Americans back to Africa which failed horribly because most were familiar with the states and not Africa
  • Flight across ocean

    Flight across ocean
    Charles Lindbergh flies the fist solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean from NY to France. It took 33 hours
  • The Crash

    The Crash
    Stock market officially crashed and lost about $26 billion which affected other countries globally
  • Act of 1930

    Act of 1930
    Us imports went up to 50 percent with the smoot Hadley tariffs and tax’s were raised significantly higher
  • FDR become president

    FDR become president
    In the time of depression, FDR wins the 1932 election and plans to recover all of the turmoil the country is in
  • TVA

    The Tennessee Valley act created by FDR helped recover many parts in the Tennessee valley that weren’t caught up with the rest of the country agriculturally
  • End of new deal

    End of new deal
    The new deal finally ends in 1938 which also ends the Great Depression in a way. Because the new deal extended the depression
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    After tensions between japan and us, japan decided to destroy the American pacific fleet by bombing Pearl Harbor, killing many. This lead to the entrance of America into the war
  • Battle of stalingrad

    Battle of stalingrad
    Germany tries to invade stalliongrad on the Russian front against the soviets to take control over the city, but they failed horribly
  • Battle of miday

    Battle of miday
    One of the US most successful efforts of island hoping throughout the pacific theatre in their efforts to envenually invade japan
  • D-Day

    The Normandy landings were a success but it was hard, the us took many casualties but ended up with a victory
  • Battle of the bulge

    Battle of the bulge
    In hitlers attempt to split his opponents he failed miserably by fighting the United States France England and soviets and lost horribly
  • V-J day

    V-J day
    After the US bombed 2 Japanese cities and left them in miserable destruction, the leader accepted defeat and surrendered from the war
  • Sputnik

    The race to space began its first step when Russia lands the first rover staying in space for 92 day
  • First man In space

    First man In space
    Russia also beats the US by sending the first man in space which was huge at the time. Yuri Gargarin made this trip for russia
  • First man to the moon

    First man to the moon
    With the US losing the race in space, they send the first men to the moon making a huge milestone in the race on just days after Russian sending the first man into space. Neil Armstrong and Alan Shepard Made this trip for the US
  • Cuban missile crisis

    Cuban missile crisis
    Soviets brought missiles to Cuba and the US was threatene when trying to send them away only complied if US removed missiles from turkey and they never invaded cuba
  • Gulf of Tonkin

    Gulf of Tonkin
    Vietnam launches mussels on this gulf where US presence was held and Johnson was pressured to do something causeinh the start of the Vietnam war
  • Lai Massacre

    Lai Massacre
    US troops ambushed them and killed over 500 men and tried to keep it a secret and hushed to US citizens
  • Paris Peace Agreement

    Paris Peace Agreement
    US are to remove troops from Vietnam north Vietnam could resume war and stay in south Vietnam but there were to be no provision of POW AND MIA
  • Troops Pull from Vietnam

    Troops Pull from Vietnam
    After a defeat US troops leave Vietnam and Vietkong continued war on south, they left because of many men lost in war as well as the Paris peace agreements
  • Fall of Soviet Union

    Fall of Soviet Union
    Tensions still stay but when the communists party in Russia fall and the Soviet Union is no more, the Cold War begins to wear off