American History B Timeline

  • telephone

    alexander graham bell inventend the telephone by accident when he was trying to invent adevice that could send more then one telegram at the same time. the first telephone operaters only answerd the phone when they felt like it. if tthe number wasnt busy they would take the cored and plugged it into a switch board
  • Radio

    The first radio broadcast of voice and music was made on christmas eva and the program was picked up by ships with a radius of several hundred miles. 1916De forst transmitted the first radio news broadcast
  • Car

    henry ford did the first massive produced car was introduce by 1920 50-60% cars in the world were model T from ford
  • The Great Migration

    th relocation of more then 6 million african americans from the harsh south to the cities of the north wwhen they moved they started to build there homes right away
  • 18th amendment

    The 18th amendment prohibited the manufacture,sale,transport,import,or export of alcohlic beverages
  • 19th amendment

    granted american women the rights to vote the U.S was founed its female citizens did not share the same rights as man including the right to vote after a 70 year battle women finall emerged victorious with the passage of the 19th amendment
  • Emergency quata act

    The Emergency quata act had been proposed several times before but never made it through intell 1921 the reason for passing the act
  • Immigration act

    The immigration act of 1924 was a united states federal law that limited the annual number of immigrants who could admitted from any country
  • Television

    Jhon logie baird showed a working television system to the public in 1925 baird was scottish engineer and inventor of the world first working television first regular tv broadcast in january 1929
  • lack thursday

    consequent market crash of 1929 triggered a complete overhual of market regulation of the U.S securties industry these events led tp promulgation
  • Black tuesday

    the most catastrophic stock marcket crashes in the history of the united states it was because of this day that the roaring twentys came to a halt
  • Franklin D Roosevelt elected president

    Fraklin D Roosevelt help the American people regan faith in themselfs. he brought hope as he promised prompt vigorous action
  • state of economy

    Washington governor closed the banks and said it was a bank holiday but the united states were in a banking problem it was difficult to earn money and to buy goods.
  • Hoover Dam constructed

    The hoover dam is concrete and is on the border between arizona and nevada its construction was the result of a massive effort involving thousands of workers and cost over one hundred lives
  • G.I bill of rights

    The servicemen read just ment act know as G.I bill of rights was a law provided a range of benefits for returning world war 2 veterans benefits include tuition and liven expenes to atend college and other things but only available to every veteran who had been in active duty during the war years and at least ninety days in
  • frisbee

    a couple of college students had empty pie plate and stated to toss them around and that provided hours of fun
  • Internet

    The first website was just text on s green screen the world wide web would not come on line until 1993
  • computer

    the first laptop weighed 55 pounds and had 5 inch screen and 64 kb memory
  • 21st amendment

    in st louis at the anheuser busch brewery 30,00 people stormed a motomotorcade of beer laden trucks twenty blocks long less than a year later the 21st amendment in 1933 president roosvelt sigmed a ploclaimed ending prohibition