American History B Timeline

  • Telephone

    When it was first founded only two people had access to it. This invention was significant because people would be able to cummunicate alot faster and better.
  • Car (Model T)

    The model T is introduced in 1908 with the price of $850. As years passed this car became cheaper, making it easier to purchase. Along with this creation the assembely line also came to this world.
  • Great Migration

    During 1916 to 1918 400,000 people left the South to take advantage of the labor shortage created in the beginning of World War 1. There was labor shortage because of all the soliders who had to go into war. when the soliders came back, there was a high demand for jobs.
  • 18th amendment

    Prohibited alcohol to be possessed in the united States. While many states lived through prohibition it was not nation wide. this amendment only lasted untill 1931.
  • Television

    T.V's became extremely famous in the 1920's to 1930's. It was in new way of life for Americans in the 1950’s.
  • Radio

    The radio was invented in 1920. People used the radio to be kept updated on sports events and such. Many people owned a radio.
  • 19th amendment

    People should not be denied the right to vote because of their sex. Woman were discriminated in many ways and they werent able to vote. Woman grew in strength and fought for this amendment to happen.
  • Emergancy Quota Act

    In 1921 the Emergency Quota Act was signed limiting immigrants to come into the United States by 3percent of the population already living there. So if 100 immigrants from China lived in the United States only 3 were allowed to migrate. The U.S proposed this act because they were scared that the nation wasnt American like anymore.
  • Immigration Act 1924

    Limited immigrants from coming into the United States from the Emergency Quota Act 3% to 2% America was scared of immigrants changing the American life. this act restricted alot of people from coming to America.
  • Black Tuesday

    When the stock market crashed
  • Black Thursday

    When the new prices of the stock market fell.
  • State of Economy 1933

    Over 9,000 banks had crashed in 1933. It also had the highest unemployment rate ever in america. This was the hardest and poorest time in America history.
  • 21st amendment

    Repealed amendment 18 allowing alcohol to be possessed in the United States. This happened because of all the crimes that were going on because of alcohol. Many people killed for the business of smuggling alcohol.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt elected as president

    Herbet hoover was blamed for the great depression and FDR was greatly in favored. FDR was the only president elect for more then 2 terms. He proposed the New deals to help America out of the great depression.
  • Hoover Dam

    Construction was started on April 20, 1931 Hoover Dam was finished on March 1, 1936. The hoover dam generates alot of energy for electricity. It was anticipated to be finished in a much longer time then as it actually was.
  • GI Bill of Rights

    Paid for the studies of people who served in the military.
  • Computers

    At this time no one really owned computers. Computers for people started coming out in the 70's
  • Frisbee

    The frisbee was an example of how big the baby boom was. This toy was a way of fun for the baby boomers.
  • Internet

    The military found the internet. It was mainly used by the military.