American History B Final Timeline

By 2063462
  • Car

    The first internal combustion engine car was built running on fuel and gas.
  • Telephone

    Alexander Bell invented the telephone. In July of 1877 his company of Bell Telephone started.
  • Period: to

    The First Great Migration

    More the 6 million African Americans moved from the South to the North, Miswest and the west.
  • The 18th Admendment

    The 18 Admendment prohibited the manufacture, sale, transport, import or export of alcoholic beverages.
  • The 19th Admendment

    The 19th admendment prohibits any United States citizen to be denied the right to vote based on sex.
  • Radio

    The radio was becoming popular with Americans because there was music and news to listen to all the time. There was tons of different radio stations and all were different with different types of music and different news reports.
  • Emergency Quota Act

    This act restricted immigration into the United States.
  • Immigration Act Of 1924

    This act was federal law that that limited the annual number of immigrants who could be let into the U.S. from any country to 2% of the number of people from that country were already living here.
  • Black Thursday

    This was the day that paniked sellers traded almost 13 million shares in the New York stock exchange.
  • Black Tuseday

    This was the day that paniked stcok sellers traded almost 16million shares on the New York stock exchange. This was known to be the start of the Great Depression.
  • Period: to

    Hoover Dam

    The hoover Dam was built along the colorado river and it spande between the states of Arizona and Nevada. It was built to prevent floods, to prvide irrigation water and to cunduct hydroelectric power. It made thousends of jobs for people but also cost over 100 lives.
  • The 21st Admendment

    The 21st admendment was to annul the 18th admendment.
  • 1933

    This was whne the 1933 BAnk Crises happened. That banks were orderd to close for a 3 day "bank holiday" which was omly supposed to last from March 6th to the 9th but it last till the 13th
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt.

    Franklin was elected president in 1993 tthe begining of the Great Depression. He was elected becuase hr broight hope back into people. He blamed the Great Depression on Hoover, which made people think about not voting for him again an to vote for Roosevelt instead.
  • Computers In America

    The first freely progammable computer.
  • GI Bill Of Rights

    This was law that was pasted to provide a wide rage of benifits for veterans of WWII.
  • Television Comes To Amereica

    The television was first used for broadcasting. The first show to ever apear regularly was the Federal Radio Commission hosted by C.F. Jenkins.
  • Frisbee

    Frisbee started out as a pe company. They sold pies to everyone but some collage students found out that you could toss the pie tin around if you flung it right. This was were poeple got the idea. In 1948 there was a plastic version that was made just for this activity.
  • Internet

    ARPAnet was the origial Internet.