American History B

  • Frisbee Invention

    A college student in yale, named Elinu Frisbie. Students ate pie and threw the pans. They found out that they flew relativly straight.
  • The Great Migration Begins

    Between 1910 and 1930 the African American population grew by about 40% in Northern states People left the south to go to the north to escape discriminination The enourmous expansion of war industries was the reason blacks moved to the north to have more job oppurtunies.
  • 18th Amendment

    Prohibition began during the beginning of 1919. This banned the use and consumption of alcohal. This created very large consequences. such as large scale organized crime.
  • 19th Amendment

    The 19th amendmend allowed women to vote. At this time Susan B Anthony was the leading figure for change in womens suffrage. Woodrow Wilson did not agree with women's rights but passed them anyway.
  • Emergency Quota Act

    The emergency qouta act limted immagration to 3% of the ethnic groups that are already here. That means; for every 100 people from that ethnic group that were already here, only 3 more are allowed.
  • Immigration Act of 1924

    The immigration act of 1924 limited the immigration to 2% as opposed to the previous 3%. It replaced the emergency quota act.
  • Television

    The T.V. was the first electronically transmitted pictures. The first T.V. picture didnt begin until 1935. This didnt happen until 1941 in the united states.
  • Stock Market Begins to Collapse

    'Black Tuesday' The day that the stock market began to collapse. The stock market loses 12 million dollars in one day. Hoover is concerned about the loss but doesnt act on it..
  • The Great Migration ends

  • FDR

    Rosevelt is elected as president and initiates the new deal programs. He was in a wheel chair but wasnt filmed in one.
  • State of Economy

    The worst time for the United States. The unemplyment rate has jumped to 25%. The causes were things such as large citzen debts or poor investments.
  • Hoover Dam

    The public work project consisted of over five thousand workers. The dam supplies a large amount of electricity. The dam provides Las Vegas with all of its power.
  • Baby Boom

    Soldiers come home from the war. Every ten seconds a baby was born.