American History B

  • Frisbee invention

    Elihu Frisbie, an undergraduate student of Yale, was said to be the first person who has thrown a Frisbee and this is when it was first said to be invented. Article Source:
  • radio

    made information easily accessible
  • Telephone

    made it so people can talke to eachother without sending letters
  • Mass production of model t

    mass production of model t to make moving more easy
  • Period: to

    The Great Migration

    The Great Migration was a timespan from 1910 to 1930 where African Americans from the south migrated to the north and west in search of jobs and freedom
  • 18th ammendmant

    started prohibition
  • 19th ammendmant

    made it illegal to deny right ot vote based on sex
  • Emergency Quota Act

    Limited immigration to 3% of that countries total population
  • Immigration act of 1924

    Restricted immigration to 2% of a countries population down from the 3% by the quota act
  • Television

    The television came into play in the late 1920's and was first silent and non color
  • Black tuesday

    1929 market crash following week after black thursday
  • Black thursday

    start of 1929 crash
  • Period: to

    Hoover damn construction

    The hoover dam was being constructed and took 5 years to complete along with a ton of money and deaths
  • Franklin D rosevelt elected

    Frankkin D Rosevelt was elected president for his first term
  • Economy in 1933

    Anti depression acts happened
  • computer created

    the computer made a quick way of processing things
  • GI bill of rights

    The GI bill of rights aloowed education and a year of pay for veterans
  • internet

    made it easy to find information
  • 21st ammendmant

    ended prohibition. yay!