american history b

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  • car

    an aoutomobil is a 3-4 moter vichile
    the first moter was invented 1672
    but not put into use until 1769
    the acctual inventer af the modern vichel was karal benz altho the origanal car was made by Ferdinand verbiest andFlemish
  • Telephone

    the telepone is a point to point comunication system used for two people who are sperated by distance to comunicate it was invented by alexander bell and many others but it was his idea and he did most of the work
  • radio

    the radio requentsy was first discoverd in the 1887 but was shut down until 1885 when tomes edison picked up the results and then was copyrighted . it was first show to the world in August 14, 1894
  • Period: to

    The Great Migration

    it was a time when africans migrated to find jobs after WW1.most migrated to the northern states and. there they were discriminated and mistreated
  • 18th amendment

    this amendment states that the prohibition of some liquor will be revoced ..due to religuos and medicel purpous .
  • telivision

    the telivison is use to conver radio frequentsy into visual images. it was not perfectide until 1931 the first picture were in black and wight
  • 19th amendment

    it prohibit ed the denile of voting rights do to your sex it as a part of the womens right movment
  • Emergency Quota Act

    this act limmeted even more the entrence of immagrents.. it limeted the percentage to only was voted and pat by the senet 78-1.
  • immigraton act of 1924

    it was an act issued to limet the entrence to the country . it limited a 2% to enter from a 3% issued by the Immigration Restriction Act of 1921
  • Black Thursday

    black tuesday was the day the stok market crashed leaving the USA in debt and to it famous Great Depresion
  • Black Tuesday

    black tuesday was the biggest stok crash in the history of the USA This was right after the Great Depresion was offical
  • Period: to

    hoover dam construstion

    the hoover dam AKA the boluder dam is a dam cutting the colorado river off from Arizona and started in 1931 part of the New Deal to give jobs to the unimployed it was completed in 1936
  • Period: to

    1933 state of ecnomy

    it was when FDR's New Deal came into play and started to get the US out of debt
  • FDR is elected president

    FDR was elected because he gave promissing ideas known as THE NEW DEAL witch purpous is to lead the US out of the great depresion . they did what they promised to do and sure the US got out of the depresion
  • 21st amendment

    it replead the 18th amendment do to the high crimes rate after the 18th amendment was past . it made go back to prohibition
  • computer

    computers are highly smart pice of machinery they were invented by Dugles Engelbert.. compurter noe have many diffrent usage for web browsing games E-mails and computing things
  • frisbee

    the frisbee AKA flying disc is a circle shape disc invented by WHAM-O ..whos purpos is to glide in the air as a ball would ..this is usult thron by humans but can be thron to a dog as a play time distraction
  • GI Bill of Rights

    this bill gave loans to home buyers.. and the war vets money to retire it also gave unymployment money to the unimployed.
  • internet

    the internet is a interconnected system wich is used worled wide to keep conections send emails brows the WWW ( worls wide web) its a point 2 point conection from the main fraim to the terminal