American History B

By pedro16
  • Invention of car

    the invention of the car was in the year 1725
  • Frisbee invented

    Elihu Frisbee was said grabbed a collection tray, and thus inventing the frisbee
  • invention of the radio

    the radio was invented in the year 1866, but untill 1895 was the first radio signal
  • Invention of Telephone

    this is when the telephone was invented.
  • Invention of Television

    this was when telivision was invented. it didnt come popular till the late 40's
  • The Great Migration

    the great migration had many people from the soouth migrate to look for jobs. and also because of the hatred and racism they inflicted toward colored people.
  • Emergency Quota Act

    too much overflow of europeans during world war I caused the government to restrict alot of immigrants coming to America. immigrants where taking alot of jobs which led to unemployment, and a large flow of immigrants used up too much resources
  • Immigration Act of 1924

    This made the 1921 Emergency Quota Act permanent.
  • Black Thursday

    the day the stock market took a loss of alot of stocks, continuing till tuesday, when they say the great depression arose.
  • Black Tuesday

    the end of the roaring 20's, and the beginning of the Great depression
  • Hoover Damn

    Hoover damn had begun construction
  • State of Economy 1933

    this was the time of economic stress, banks where closing people where loosing jobs.
  • Franklin D Roosevelt Elected President

    this is the day Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected as president. Franklin defeated hoover for presidency.
  • Hoover Dam

    the day that it was dedicated to Franklin D. Roosevelt. then named in honor of President Herbert Hoover
  • invention of the computer

    the Z1 was the first model computer considered to be the first electrical programmable computer.
  • GI Bill of Rights

    the G.I Bill of Rights let soldiers coming home from the war an expense paid education plan, and other benefits.
  • The End of Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency

    Franklin D. Roosevelt held four terms under him, he then died of cerebral hemorrhage
  • the plastic frisbee

    a building inspector was thought of that made the plastic frisbee, this frisbee would have a greater speed and duracy.
  • the invention of the internet

    with the help of the invention of the computers, they made the internet.
  • 18th amendment, 19th amendment, and 21st amendment

    18th amendment prohibited alcohol consumption, the 19th amendment allowed women to vote, the 21st disseveced the 18th amendment.