American History

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    Most of WW1 was fought in trenches.
  • NCSS Founded

    NCSS is a foundation designated towards social studies.
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    Great Depression

    The Great Depression was a time of severe hardship for most Americans. Many were unemployed and the government attempted to relieve its effects by creating jobs and organizations.
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  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Pearl Harbor Info WebsiteJapanese Kamakasi bombers attacked the bay of Pearl Harbor. They believed dying for this cause was a great honor.
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    Korean War

    My grandpa fought in the Korean War.
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    Civil Rights

    A main instigator of the civil rights movement was Martin Luther King.
  • First Satellite Launched (Sputnik)

    Russia launched the first sattelite and beat the US to it!
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    Many Americans disagreed with the Vietnam War and didn't think the U.S. should be involved in it.
  • First Man in Space

    Russia sent the first man into space, another major feat for their country.
  • First Man on the Moon (Neil Armstrong)

    First Man on the Moon (Neil Armstrong)
    Neil Armstrong landed on the moon with two other men, for the Apollo 11 mission. He recently died a couple years ago.
  • Watergate

    There was a scandal during this time dealing with the President.
  • NCLB Mandate in Schools

    NCLB was intended to raise the standards for schools in America and hold them accountable for improving education.
  • World Trade Center Attacks

    The World Trade Center Attacks instigated the war on terror during the Bush administration.