American History

  • Meeting

    The Contirntal Congress,meeting in philadephia in the pennsylvania state house
  • First Declaration

    Mary Katherine Gooddard Printed The First Official Copy Of The Declaration Of Independence.
  • 5th State

    Connecticut The Constitution Becoming The Fifth State In The Union.
  • The Members

    The Members Of The Constitional Convention Signed The United States Constitution in Philadephia.
  • Constition

    Delegates To The Pennsylvannia Ratifying Convention Meeting at Pennsylvannia State House Voted To Ratifying The Constitution.
  • Bill Of Rights

    They Adopted The Bill of Rights
  • James Garfield is Inaugurated

    Congressman Garfield had been nominated on his party's 36th ballot at the convention; and he had won the popular vote by a slim margin.
  • Approved

    The New Jersey Ratyfing Caucus Approved The Constitution .