american history

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  • Pilgrims land In America

    Pilgrims land In America
    On the day of Dec. 21, 1620 The ship called the Mayflower lands on Plymouth Rock. Before going to main land they wrote on the Mayflower Compact which was the first governing document of the Plymouth Colony .
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    American Revolution

    It all started when our forefathers wrote the D.O.I and sent it to Britian. Than the Battle of Lexington and Concord happend. So the war rages on until on Nov. 23,1783 when the UK signs the Treaty of Paris
  • Decloration of Independence

    Decloration of Independence
    Our most famous document the Decloration of Independence is our becon of freedom. It says that America wants to be its own country and have its own rules. It was one of the documents that started the American revolution.
  • Constitution

    The document is all of the rights we have now. It includes the Bill of Rights and 17 other amendments that are used by all of us today. Some important ones are freedom of speech and freedom of religion
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    Civil war

    Our most bloodest war in history. The Civil War was the result of many different reasons but mostly slavery. Since the north wanted to let slaves be free but the south wanted to keep slaves they started fight over that and many other reasons. One of the most bloody battles of all time was the Battle of Antietam. Also another historic battle was the Battle of Gettysburg which was on of the biggest turing points of the war.
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    The trench war. WW1 was a battle of the Allied Forces against the Centrsl Powers. This war was big for the USA because this is where they came out of hiding. After the Allied Forces won the war America was on the top of the food chain
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    Great Depression

    The Great Depression was the worst time in American econemy history. Poverty was high and there was nothing to do about it. Finally in 1939 the econemy went back up and jobs started to pop up all over the place.
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    WW2 was pretty much Germany and Japan against the world. America joined in when Japan bombed Peral Harbor. With the Great Depression just ending lots of American men wanted to fight for there country. The war raged on for several years until Hitler shot himself in September. The Germans and Japaneese were imposed with severe penalties.
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    Civil Rights Movement

    The Civil Rights Movement was were African Americans were trying to be allowed to have the same rights as white people. One of there most influental speakers was Martinn Luther King JR. He tried to fight it with words while other people tried to fight it with fists. Eventually African Americans got to have the same rights as white people.
  • 9/11

    9/11 is one of america's most somber days. On September 11, 2001 4 hijackers hijacked 4 planes and flew them into some very important buildings. Two of those planes were headed to the Twin Towers where they flew into them making the building collapse and killing everybody on board and many people who gott trapped inside the towers. Another plane flew into the Pentagon our top military base. Everyone on board was killed but not as amny inside the Pentagon. That is what we remember today.
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    Iraq War

    The Iraq War was also called :Operation Iraqi Freedom. We sent troops to iraq to help the civilians from all of the terriosts groups there. It lasted six years untill in 2009 President Obama said that they would start pullung troops out of Iraq.