American Government

  • The Olive Branch Petition

    The petition was a last chance for Britain to correct the problems in the Americas. The petition was ignored and eventually lead to the creation of the declaration of Independence.
  • The Declaration

    It was approved and later signed by delegates from each of the colonies. This granted the colonists freedoms they did not have under English rule and it began the start of the United States.
  • The Articles

    It was the first try of government in the United states. It gave the states more power than the federal government, which caused many conflicts between states.
  • The Constitution

    The Constitution was the second version of a government for the Colonies.The Constitution was the first government created with a check and balance like dynamic, the three branches had the power to override each others decisions.
  • The Bill of Rights

    The Bill was an addition to the Constitution, in the effort to swing the South over to approve the Constitution. It was created to protect a persons rights from the government and offer them the freedoms the lack under English reign.
  • Washington's Farewell

    Washington and his Secretary of Treasury Hamilton write a address to tell the people he is stepping down. This ultimately lead to the country being able to move on after his death and a tradition of a President only serving two terms.