American Education

By Kalto
  • Evolution of Hornbooks

    Hornbooks evolve; alphabet tacked to a piece of wood... later added more papers for prayers, etc.
  • Law of 1642

    Law of 1642--Parents and "masters" held accountable by law to make sure children are educated.
  • Teacher Training

    1.) White indentured servants bought passage to America agreeing to work as teachers to pay the debt. 2.)apprenticeships--studied usnder a schoolmaster for d10 years to become a schoolmaster.
  • Ben Franklin establiches American Academy

    First Academy in the US to creat skilled workers; taught kids who weren't being educated in college prep schools; private schools; admitted girls; trained teachers.
  • George Bell, Nicholas Franklin, & Moses Liverpool

    Free African Americans who established the first Black school house in Washington, DC
  • Teaching Materials

    Slate stone framed with wood; students wrote assignments on them vs. table paper; later made blackboards.
  • First American High School

    3-yr courses in English, Math, Science, History, Philosophy, Chemistry, Logic, French, US Constitution; public schooling vs. the private Latin Grammer Schools.
  • Troy Seminary for Women

    First higher education for women in the US; program equal to that of boy's schools.
  • First Teacher Training Institution

    (normal school) in US; private school; entered right after elementary school; subjects similar to high school and had courses on pedagogy; did some student teaching.
  • Law of 1827

    Compels high school formation
  • First publicly funded normal school

    2-year course in teacher training
  • Period: to

    In the US

    More private schools; home schooling movement; charter schools; continuing/adult education programs.
  • Massachusetts

    Compulsory elementary school attendance law passed
  • Tuskegee Institute

    Helping African American children compete in society; basic and industrial education.
  • Morrill Land Grant Act

    Beginnings of federal involvement in schools; provided vocational education in each state where existing colleges did not (engineering, military, science, agriculture).
  • 14th Amendment

    Ensures people not be denied life, liberty, or property without due process.
  • Teacher Training Institutions

    Most states by this time helped financially support teacher training institutions.
  • Alfred Binet

    Developes Binet-Simon Scale to measure the mental ability of children; their intelligence quotient (IQ).
  • B F Skinner

    publishes works on his behavioral theory focusing on outward behavior; students can be trained/ conditioned to learn about anything a teacher desires...break down learning into small steps.