America in the 1950's

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    America in the 1950's

  • Truman delivers his state of the Union address

    Truman troubled by a nuclear eksplosion
    Soviet bombe, americans belevied they were the only ones with nuclear power
  • War

    Communist of North Korea supported by the soviets in China. Invades the us-backed south Korea, this means war
    Truman send American forces to defend South Korea
  • Julius and Ethel Rosenberg

    Julius Rosenberg taking into custody by FBI
    a month later his wife Ethel spies is arrested, both sentenced to death. The threat of communism is rising.
  • China vs USA

    Truman flies to Wake island in to meet with the general.
    Two weeks later, China pushes the US Forces into retreat.
    MacArthur wants to bomb China, but gets denied.
  • Public disagreement

    MacArthur makes his disagreement with Truman public
  • 1951

    The president adresses the nation, MacArthur gets fired
  • America is wealthier than ever

    Its six years after the end of world war 2, america is wealthier than ever
    baby and marriage boom
    The levitts created a lot of houses on old farm land, created communities overnight
    levittowns are build
  • End of war in Korea

    Eisenhower brings the troops home from Korea
    The fear of communists inside america is growing
  • Eisenhower

    Eisenhower becomes president of The United States
    Eisenhower promises to end the war in Korea.
  • Atomic bomb fear

    The US government staged an atomic bomb event, to show on national television.The broadcast happened on live tv, 8 million viewers tuned in.
    Now everyone wants to know how to survive this form of attack, drills in schools become routine
  • Elvis Presley

    Producer sam phillips introduces a 19 year old singer, his name is Elvis Presley.
  • Segregation in schools

    In Kansas, the families of 20 black schoolchildren are fighting a class-action lawsuit against the segregated schools. On may 17th 1954, they win the case. The supreme court outlaws segregation in schools.
  • Dance and rock and roll

    Young people dancing becomes so popular, television stations have a weekly teen dance show
    Allan freed rockets to stardom by playing rythm and blues, traditionally african-american music, gets the new name Rock and Roll.
  • Rosa Parks

    Rosa Parks refused to follow the bus driver's order to give his seat to a white passenger. When she refused to follow the driver's order, he called the police, who arrested Rosa Parks.
  • Bus boycut

    Other black people gets inspired by Parks, refusing to ride the busses as a protest to the segregation laws.
  • 38 percent of college students were women