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America a Superpower in the Cold War: 1933-1959

By Westee
  • Chancellor of Germany

    Chancellor of Germany
    On this day President Paul von Hindenburg named Adolf Hitler the Chancellor of Germany. From here, Hitler started his movement of "repairing" Germany.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Takes Office

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Takes Office
    This is the day that Franklin Delano Roosevelt was sworn into office. From here FDR started to implement his New Deal, and helped save the bank with his bank holiday, and start to help the U.S. out of the Great Depression.
  • Cheers!

    On this day, the 21st Amendment was amended to the Constitution, which repealed prohibition.
  • Death of Bonnie and Clyde

    Death of Bonnie and Clyde
    Barrow and Parker were ambushed and killed on May 23, 1934. The couple appeared in daylight in an automobile and were shot.
  • Der Fuehrer

    Der Fuehrer
    On this day, Adolf Hitler claimed himself as the Fuehrer or guide of Germany. To this day the name still has the same meaning but comes with a sort of stigma, and negative connotation.
  • Gone With the Wind

    Gone With the Wind
    This book, written by Margaret Mitchell, is a historical romance that was set during the Civil War Reconstruction era, and became so popular, that it was turned into a film in 1939.
  • Partner Charleston

    Partner Charleston
    Dancing has never been the same. Traditionally partner Charleston was danced by a man and woman, but now (as then) both men and women dance with same-gender partners, though women partner up with women more frequently than men partner with men.
  • Fair Labor Standards Act

    Fair Labor Standards Act
    This act created America's very first national minimum wage. This act started minimum wage at just a quarter an hour. ($4.10 today)
  • Man of The Year

    Man of The Year
    Time Magazine named Adolf Hiutler as Man of Year for 1938. Ironic.. No?
  • Period: to


    This is the time that one of the most destructive wars to human kind spanned. Over 10 countries, 6 years, complete warfare.
  • Great Smoky National Park

    Great Smoky National Park
    This national park was the most visitied in the nation and was dedicated to President Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • Jeep

    The first Jeep was invented by Willies Truck Company for military services. Meant to be used as a "war car".
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    On this day Pearl Harbor was attacked by the Japanese, pretty much forcing us to enter WW2. After two hours of the attack in Hawaii, 2400 Americans were dead.
  • First Computer

    First Computer
    Despite the Germans coming out with the first computer in 1941, the America was not far behind and we released our first computer in 1942.
  • T-Shirts

    The very first T-Shirt is introduced in America. The cover story featured a T-Shirt with a fully clad soldier on the front.
  • D-Day

    The long awaited attack from the West, the Normandy Invasion.
  • Ball Point Pens

    Ball Point Pens
    This is the day that one of the most popular pens, even today, started to go on sale.
  • Korematsu vs. United States

    Korematsu vs. United States
    This is the court case where the court sided with the government. The court decided that the potential threat of espionage outweighed Fred Korematsu's individual rights.
  • Anne Frank

    Anne Frank
    The Frank family moved from Germany to Amsterdam in 1933. The family went into hiding in the hidden rooms of her father's office building.
  • Harry S. Truman Takes Office

    Harry S. Truman Takes Office
    This is the day that Harry S. Truman takes office. Within his presidency he learns of the new and very destructive weapon that America has gotten it's hands on. By the end of his presidency, Truman uses this weapon twice to make the Japanese surrender.
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt Leaves

    Franklin D. Roosevelt Leaves
    FDR leaves office after having served four terms, and after WWll ends. With the help of the New Deal and the industrial boost the war brought, America was able to get out of the Great Deppression.
  • We Lose Hitler

    We Lose Hitler
    On this day, Adolf Hitler shoots himself in the head, but the more likely reason for his death is the swallowing of cyanide pills.
  • Microwaves

    This handy small appliance was invented on this day, (officially). And is still being used and upgraded to this day.
  • "The Sinews of Peace"

    "The Sinews of Peace"
    More commonly known as Winston Churchill's "Iron Curtain Speech", he described the splitting of the democrats and communists in Europe.
  • 2 Piece Swimwear

    2 Piece Swimwear
    On this day, the ultra-sexy swimsuit, the bikini, was introduced to the public. A new and skimpier, but probably more comfortable, outfit to wear to the beach.
  • Post-World War II baby boom

    Post-World War II baby boom
    The Leading-Edge Baby Boomers are individuals born between 1946 and 1955, those who came of age during the Vietnam War era. This group represents slightly more than half of the generation, or roughly 38,002,000 people of all races.
  • Period: to

    Second Red Scare

    Later known as McCarthyism, the second Red Scare occured after the second world war because of increasing fear of foreign espionage, and the confessions of spying from government officials.
  • Polaroid Model 95

    Polaroid Model 95
    This is the day that the Polaroid Model 95, invented by Edwin Land. This camera was one of the very first cameras to use instant film in it for, well, instant pictures.
  • Truman Doctrine

    Truman Doctrine
    An internation relations policy set forth by president Harry S. Truman that stated we would financially in order to prevent them from coming under Soviet influence.
  • Breaking the Sound Barrier

    Breaking the Sound Barrier
    Chuck Yeager was became the first person to break the sound barrier when he flew faster than the speed of sound.
  • Berlin Airlift

    Berlin Airlift
    This conflict with the Berlin Blockade and the Berlin Airlift was one of the very frist crises of the Cold War. The Soviets blocked off the Allies' access to Eastern Germany, so the Allies came from above. By dropping care packages, the Allies helped feed the starving people who were living in poverty.
  • Modern Credit Card

    Modern Credit Card
    The very first modern credit card idea was expanded on by the Diners Club. The card allowed for cardholders to use the card to pay for food throughout 14 different restaurants in New York.
  • Truman's Hydrogen Bomb

    Truman's Hydrogen Bomb
    This is the day that Presiudent Harry S. Truman announced in a public press conference that he is supporting the construction of the Hydrogen bomb.
  • First Organ Transplant

    First Organ Transplant
    A huge breakthrough in the medical world, the first organ was successfully transplanted from one, to another patient. The organ was a kidney. Not only was the operation a short term success, but the patient managed to live for a number of years after the operation.
  • Korean Civil War

    Korean Civil War
    This is the day that the Republic of Korea (supported by the U.N.)and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (supported by the Soviet Union and People's Republic of China) started their Civil War.
  • First Peanuts Comic Strip

    First Peanuts Comic Strip
    This was the first time that the Peanuts comic strip was released in the newspaper, where it ran for over 50 years in the Funnies section.
  • Assassination attempts on U.S. President Harry S. Truman

    Assassination attempts on U.S. President Harry S. Truman
    It was carried out by two Puerto Rican pro-independence activists, Oscar Collazo and Griselio Torresola, while the President resided at the Blair House. Torresola mortally wounded White House Police officer Leslie Coffelt, who killed him in return fire.
  • Color TV

    Color TV
    This is when the first color TV shows started showing, the first color TV shows were called Premieres.
  • Polio Vaccine

    Polio Vaccine
    This was a thank ful day, because doctors, engineers, and chemists could sit back and watch how their invention of a cure to this infectious disease healed thousands of people.
  • Click it or Ticket!

    Click it or Ticket!
    Safety First! Ever since 1952, the seat belt has been attempting to protect us from one of the main causes of death in the U.S.
  • Dwight D. Eisenhower Sworn In

    Dwight D. Eisenhower Sworn In
    This is the day that General Dwight D. Eisenhower is sworn into office. This dynamic conservative president used the press as a tool not only to stay in contact with the people but to also keep up a positive disposition as president. Along with that, this president was also known for continuing to supprot the New Deal programs.
  • DNA Discovered

    DNA Discovered
    On this day the molecular structure of DNA, or the double helix was discovered. From this scientists were able to make many theories and discoveries about the human body.
  • Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday
    Audrey Hepburn won an Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance; the screenplay and costume design also won.
  • Playboy Magazine

    Playboy Magazine
    The first edition of Playboy magazine was released on this day. This issue was 44 pages long, with no dates on the cover.
  • Brown vs. Board of Education

    Brown vs. Board of Education
    In this court case, the Supreme Court ruled that the separation of white and black students in public schools was unconstitutional.
  • Cigarettes

    On this day, a report was released that suggested that cigarettes can cause cancer. From then on, much research has been conducted in order to know the effects of cigarettes, and how to prevent them.
  • Mickey Dee's

    Mickey Dee's
    Mcdonald's Corporation was founded on this day, and from then on America was on the track of obesity.
  • Warsaw Pact

    Warsaw Pact
    This treaty was a mutual defense treaty between eight communist states during the Cold War, under the influence of the Soviet Union.
  • Walt Disney Land

    Walt Disney Land
    On this day, the first Disney Land park opened for a couple thousand customers. The building of the original park costs 17 billion.
  • Culture Icon Dies in Car Crash

    Culture Icon Dies in Car Crash
    James Dean's enduring fame and popularity rests on his performances in only these three films, all leading roles. His premature death in a car crash cemented his legendary status.
  • The Wheels on the Bus!

    The Wheels on the Bus!
    On this day, Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man on the bus. Starting a whole series of events for the Civil Rights Movement. This instance of true pride embedded her in history forever.
  • Elvis Presley Rock n' Roll

    Elvis Presley Rock n' Roll
    THis is the day that Elvis Presley's first album went public. The self-titled debut album. Not too long afterwards, he made his first TV appearances.
  • T.V Remote Control Invented

    T.V Remote Control Invented
    Eugene Polley, who invented a wireless TV remote, the Space Command. A wired remote control called the "Lazy Bones" was invented by Zenith physicist Robert Adler.
  • Russian Satelite Launch

    Russian Satelite Launch
    The day that the very first artificial Earth satellite, called the Sputnick 1, was launched by the Rusians.
  • All Dogs go to... Space?

    All Dogs go to... Space?
    Laika the dog becomes the very first animal to orbit the Earth in space.
  • Legos

    On this day, the Lego toy brick wqas introduced to the public.The word lego came from the Danish word, " Leg Godt" meaning, "play well".
  • Nikita Khrushchev Takes Over

    Nikita Khrushchev Takes Over
    Nikita Khruschev made his way up the Soviet hierarchy through Lazar Kaganovich. After Stalin's death many people fought to gain power, but eventually Nikita Khruschev emerged victorious. Despite having ushered in a less repressive era in the Soviet Union, the Khruschev years were the tensest of the Cold War.
  • Castro Takes Over

    Castro Takes Over
    This is the day that Castro officially took over Cuba after the Cuban Revolution and ousting cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald

    Lee Harvey Oswald
    Former US Marine was defected to the Soviet Union.This mad was widely known for being the sniper who assasinated JFK.
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