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  • Amendment #1 Religous and Political Freedom

    Amendment #1 Religous and Political Freedom
    Congres is not alowed to create laws that establish any peticular religon. Congress is not allowed to take away freedom of speech. Also this includes the freedoms of petition, press and assembly.
  • Amendment #2 Right to Bears

    Amendment #2 Right to Bears
    People are allowed to be armed with weapons. The people that own weapons have the right not to be bothered about their weapon or questioned.The militart is also allowed weapons.
  • Amendment #3 Quatering Act

    Amendment #3 Quatering Act
    Soliders do not have the right to stay in a persons house without consent. Even f at times of war soliders shall be houserd at base not homes.
  • Amendments #4 Search & Seizure

    Amendments #4 Search & Seizure
    Your personal items may not be searched unless consent to go through ones belongings. Also under suspicion your belongs are allowed to be searched even without consent. Or a proper warrant.
  • Amendment #5 Rights of accused persons

    Nobody should be held at court for questioninginless has done crime before or infamous. Including the milita. If accused there will be due process.
  • Amendment #6 Right to a Speedy, Public Trial

    Amendment  #6 Right to a Speedy, Public Trial
    If you are indicted, you have the to declare a speedy public trial. When crime has been comited, there is also a right for a sppedy trial. Also the ability to have a defender or counsel for his\her defense. For a trial, you must inform the defendant of the charge. You have the right to attorney and to fair impartial jury.
  • Amendment #7 Trial by Jury in civil cases

    If the value in contreersy should exceed $20, the right of trial shall be heldand shall not be reaxmined by court.
  • Amendment #8 Limits of Fines and punishments

    There is no need for an outragous bail. Bail should be reasonable and equal to the serevness of crime. Or overly sevre punishments for crime.
  • Amendment #9 Rights Of People

    Amendment #9 Rights Of People
    Certain rules or laws shall not be changed. Nor to disobey laws. Laws should be created by the legislatures who will pass their law to the president to ratify or veto.
  • Admendment #10 Powers of State and People

    When in state you must obey the certain laws and rules the state creates. Do not bend laws for your own needs. These are te powers reserved for the states.
  • Amendment #11 Lawsuits Against States

    Amendment #11 Lawsuits Against States
    You can not extend your own lawsuit or create and amend one. If you follow one of these actions there will be consequences.
  • Amendment #12 Election of Exucutives

    The electoral college is ballot for represspecailballot for vice president and president. Some who are high up in the industry of government cannot vote most can though.
  • Amendment #13 Slavery Abolished

    Amendment #13 Slavery Abolished
    Slavery shall not be tolerated not eve in households or business. If slavery is used in your presence you shall be commited of crime.
  • Amedment #/14 Civil Rights

    Amedment #/14 Civil Rights
    All people born in the U.S. and subject to the judition, Thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state of the state of where they reside. Representitves shall be apportion amoung the sevreal states according to their respective number. No person shallbe a sentor or representitive in congress, or elector of president. The validityof public debt of the United States.
  • Amendment #15 Right To Vote

    Amendment #15 Right To Vote
    The right for people to vote shall not be interfeered. The ability to vote should not be based on race or color or the amount of money you have. Congress has the power to enforce this law throughout the country.
  • Amendments #16 Income Tax

    Amendments #16 Income Tax
    The congress has the power to lay and collect taxes without approval.
  • Amendment #17 Direct Electios of Senators

    A senator has a term of four years. Eahc senetor has one vote for new law ect. If in some case the senator can not attend, a another person shall fill in. If the senator does not attend for more serious reasons like death, relections will take place.
  • Amendment #18 Prohibition

    Amendment #18 Prohibition
    After a year comfirming amednments, people are not allowed to drink or sell acholic beverages. Other states have the power to enforce this law. There is a sevre fine and punishment for selling or consuming acholic beverages.
  • Amendment #19 Woman Suffrage

    Amendment #19 Woman Suffrage
    Womans suffrage is the right for women to vote.The right of woman to vote should not be interferred with color or race. Each state must enforce this as law.
  • Amenment #20 "Lame Duck" sessions

    Amenment #20 "Lame Duck" sessions
    The terms of vice presidnet end at noon on Jan. 20th. For senate and rerps it is the third of Jan. If the president dies then the vice president will fill in for him or her. If the president does not qaulify for something the vice president will also fill in.
  • Amendment #21 Repeal of Prohibition

    Amendment #21 Repeal of Prohibition
    Before achol was not allowed to be sold or consumed. Not it is allowed to be sold and consumed and obviuously can alsomake it. Acholic beverages are allowed ot be sold throughout the country.
  • Amedment #22 Limit on Presidential terms

    You are only allowed to be president twice. Meaning 8 years in office if you get relected that is. This amendment does not apply to who is currently president. The rules will apply after their term.
  • Amendment #23 Voting in District of Colombia

    Amendment #23 Voting in District of Colombia
    Since the district of columbia is not a state officals were deciding if D.C. should be aloud to vote because it is where the federal gov't takes place so most poeple wouldn't even be aloud to vote.So they came up with a compromise, that D.C. would get 3 electoral votes an no reps or senators.
  • Amendment #24 Abolition of poll taxes

    Amendment #24 Abolition of poll taxes
    Citizens have the right to vote on most of any election. therefore any color or race could vote! thedownside of this amendment was the fee that was payed to casat your vote.
  • Amendment 25 Presdidential Disability, Succesion

    If the preseident is disable to untend to certain meeting because of sickness, injurys, ect. the vice president shall cover for him. If in any case the president would die, the vice president would take over.
  • amendment #26 18-year-old vote

    amendment #26 18-year-old vote
    An 18 year old areable to vote in elections including for presidency.Must U.S citzen even if 18 to vote.
  • Amendment #27 Congressional Pay

    Amendment #27 Congressional Pay
    Makes the gov't able for congress to increase pay. Congressional pay means more money for congress. This could really affect how much money you earn. It basically is Congress's gets the right and or power to fix the salaries of its members.