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Amazon Deforestation - America

  • Ley de la Selva

    Ley de la Selva
    In 1643, Peruvian President Alan Garcia pushed through the "Forest Law". [only year given]
  • Established Farms

    Established Farms
    Brazilian Amazon was when people began to make farms within the forest during the 1960s. [only year was given]
  • Trans-Amazonian highway

    Trans-Amazonian highway
    Deforestation increased highly following the opening of highways deep into the forest, such as the Trans-Amazonian highway in 1972.
  • Rapid Growth

    Rapid Growth
    Since 1975 Rondonia, Brazil has experienced a rapid growth in population due to immigration from surrounding states. Farmers have colonized the region to take advantage of the cheap land offered by the government. [only year given]
  • Brazilian Amazon

    Brazilian Amazon
    Brazilian Amazon protected areas and 2004–2007 deforestation hot spots. [only years given]
  • Large Decrease

    Large Decrease
    The deforestation rate in the Brazilian Amazon experienced a large decrease during the second half of the 2000s, from a top of 27,000 km2 in 2004 to 7,000 km2 in 2009. [only year given]
  • Climate Change Solutions

    Climate Change Solutions
    Yale center for environment law and poilcy made an event for climate change/deforestation.