Amadeus Mozart

  • Birth of mozart

    Birth of mozart
    he was born on january 27,1756 in Salzburgo, Australia
  • Trip of the mozart family

    On January 12, 1762 the entire family departed for Munich, beginning with an exhibition at the court of the elective prince of Bavaria Maximilian III and later in the same year at the imperial court of Joseph II of Habsburg in Vienna and Prague
  • representation in the Sistine Chapel

    he went to Rome on April 11, 1770, where he heard Gregorio Allegri's Miserere once during a performance in the Sistine Chapel
  • Job search

    They visited Vienna from July 14,1773 to search for a job
  • Job search

    They visited Munich from December 6, 1774 to search for a job.the trip had a great popular reception with the premiere of the opera La finta giardiniera and the trip to Vienna was positive for his art, since he knew the new Viennese style through the music of Joseph Haydn
  • permission to give a concert tour

    In 1777 he obtained permission to give a concert tour, and went to Munich with his mother.
  • death of mozart's mother

    his mother died in the French capital in 1778
  • return to salzburgo

    Mozart returned to Salzburg in 1779. In his native city, Mozart composed two masses and a large number of sonatas, symphonies and concerts. These works reveal for the first time their own style and extraordinary musical maturity
  • Success of the Idomeneo opera in Munich

    In January 1781, the opera Idomeneo, re di Creta de Mozart was released in Munich with considerable success
  • resignation of court violinist

    On his return to Salzburg, Mozart was already a favorite son of the city. Despite the success, his salary was low, so he decided to leave in search of a new job in Augsburg, Mannheim, Paris and Munich.
    He had no luck and only two years later he returned to his city to work as the court's first violinist. It lasted little since, resigned again in 1781.
  • Amadeus mozart wrote a serie of three concerts

    Approximately eighteen months after he arrived in Vienna, in the autumn of 1782, Mozart wrote a series of three concerts intended to be performed by him in his concerts by subscription
  • marriage of mozart and Constanze Weber

    On August 4, 1782, he married Constanze Weber without parental consent. They had six children of whom only two survived
  • entered the Freemasonry

    On December 14, 1784 he entered the Masonry with the apprentice degree, at the Zur Wohltätigkeit Lodge in Vienna
  • mozart's disease

    When he returned to Austria, his health deteriorated little by little, he became pale, indisposed and very depressed, although he continued to work and completed his "Concert for clarinet", the order of the "Requiem" and the premiere of "The Magic Flute" on September 30, 1791.
  • death of mozart

    He died on December 5, 1791 at 00:55 after a short but intense illness. He did not reach the age of 36. in vienna