Alex Salinas - Timeline of Events - Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Timeline created by mr_velasco
  • Greg’s friend Rowley sleeps at his house (p.4)

    But Rowley only talks to a girl on the phone and says, “No, you’re cuter, hee, hee, hee!”
  • Rowley warns Greg about dog poop and says, “Alert, Alert!” Later on Greg steps on the poop. (p.12 and 69)

  • Greg meets some bad kids in the woods on his way from school (p.18-19)

    The bad kids are called the Mingo kids. The Mingo kids told Greg to stay out or they would get him.
  • Rowley wants to be a superhero. He goes to superhero school. But it is not real. (Pages 34-37)

  • A boy named Fraley says he can chew gum. But he chews gum with his belly button. Everyone screams when he tries to blow a bubble with his belly button. (p.87)

  • He gets a rabbit foot that brings good luck (p.102)

  • The family dresses up the family dog Sweetie. Sweetie farts.

  • Greg's cousin takes a picture of him in the shower (p.118).

  • Greg wanted to take his earthworm out for exercise. His brother Manny was learning how to walk and stepped on and squished his worm (p.151-152)

  • Greg throls up his food because Sweetie farted (p.129)

  • Greg was going to the bathroom and playing a game on his phone when his Aunt Veronica calls him suddenly and talks to him while he is going to the bathroom (p.164-164).

  • Greg wears pajamas because he’s sick. But he keeps wearing his pajamas in gym and gets hot! (p.180)