Alex Rider Scorpia horrowitz Anthony fiction 330 pages

  • pages 1to 298

    This is a running total of 1128 pages. I read a lot of this book. Alex starts the book in Venice Italy with a friend on vacation. After a few twists of events Alex is intrigued to fnd the organization of Scorpia. After breaking in he is captured and left to drown. After he escapes he goes to look in the major corp helping Scorpia. Nile extracts him and takes him with him after destroying the building.He than meets Julia Rothman who convinces him to join Scorpia. He does.
  • 298-330

    Running total of 1160 pages. Alex is captured by M16 and once again decides to switch sides again. He has to stop Scorpia from killing all the school children in London.He figures out that the injections all the children are given were poisonous and could be triggered by a satellite.He decides to go under cover in Scorpia to find the satellite.It is in a hot air balloon.He has to climb the balloon and destroy the satellite.Nile and Julia Rothman die and the crisis is resolved.