Alex Nanez Timeline

Timeline created by ananez
  • Jacob's first encounter with a dog

    Jacobs was just 9 months old when he was sitting in his rocking swing and a small dog came by. He began to cry and his mom (Andrea) quickly came to comfort him by holding him. In Erickson's first stage, trust vs. mistrust, the crisis is created when the dog causes Jacob to be scared, his mom comes in to hold him so he feels safe (trust), rather than let him continue to be frightened by the dog.
  • Jacob starts soccer: Initiative vs. Guilt

    Jacobs parents sign him up for soccer because he loved to kick the ball around at home. Now it's the day he finally gets to play with new people! He loves to play now. In Erikson's third stage, initiative vs. Guilt, Jacob is guided well by his parents pursuing an activity that Jacob enjoys, (Initiative) rather than forcing him into something or another sport he may not enjoy.
  • Jacob wins his first spelling bee: industry vs. inferiority

    Jacob enters his class spelling bee and wins. His accomplishment is celebrated by having his name up on the white board as the "spelling bee winner" and he gets a little plastic medal. In Erickson's third stage, industry vs. inferiority, Jacob is made to feel industrious because of the way his accomplishment was celebrated. Allowing him to thrive and feel good about himself and where he is among his from a educational standpoint.