Alcohol Laws in Brazil - Ivan, Vitor, Angelo

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  • Restrição à publicidade de bebidas alcoólicas

    Restrição à publicidade de bebidas alcoólicas
    In July 15, 1996, in Brazil, advertisements of drinks that have over 13 GL. were prohibited on television and radio transmissions. However, in our opinion, this does not completely block the access or influence of drinking alcohol because most drinks come from older peers and have less 13 GL, which, consequently, gives them the right to be broadcasted. To make this law effective, all advertisements should be blocked completely, like cigarettes.
  • Probição de álcool para menores

    Probição de álcool para menores
    In October 19th, 2011, underage (18 years old) citizens were completely prohibited to buy alcoholic drinks of any kind. Anyone who sells or provides alcohol to underage people will be arrested. This dreacresed the number of accidents and death of people under 18 because of the influence of alcohol. This, in our opinion, was a good and extremely effective way to protected the future generations and save lives.
  • Nova Lei Seca

    Nova Lei Seca
    This "new improvement" to the law makes it harsher. If any alcohol is detect in one's organism, after doing the breathalyzer test, a fine of R$: 1,915.30, suspension of driver's license, restriction to drive for a year and a retention of the vehicle is applied. In our opinion this law was greatly enhanced and effective. This will surely punish the ones who dare to not abide the law and endanger other innocent people's lives.