Albert Einstein (scientific contributions)

  • Albert Einstein creates his famous theory, e=mc2

  • Begins applying laws of gravity to relativity theory

  • Is appointed Professor of theoretical physics for Zurich University

  • Predicts bending of light

  • Is appointed Professor of theoretical physics at the Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich

  • Works on Theory of Gravity

    Einstein didn't believe gravity was a force at all; he said it was a distortion in the shape of space-time, otherwise known as "the fourth dimension"
  • Finishes Theory of Relativity

  • Publishes Theory of Relativity

  • Writes first paper on cosmology

  • Einstein visits to the U.S. and lectures at Princeton University on theory of relativity

  • He begins to develop the foundation of quantum mechanics with Niels Bohr.

  • Einstein begins pursing his idea of a unified field theory

  • The Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox is published

    The original EPR paradox challenges the prediction of quantum mechanics that it is impossible to know both the position and the momentum of a quantum particle. This challenge can be extended to other pairs of physical properties.