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  • Birth

    Albert Einstein was born on in Ulm, Germany.
  • Where He Lived

    He started to live in Munich.
  • High School

    He started Luitpold high school.
  • Family Goes to Italy

    While his family went to Italy, he stayed in Germany and could not finish his school due to boredom.
  • Italy

    He joined his family in Italy and went to Aarau, Switzerland, after failing the ETHn exams in Zurich
  • Finished High School

    He finished high school in Aarau, Zurich.
  • Switzerland

    He became a Swiss citizen.
  • Period: to


    Married to Mileva Maric
  • Son

    On May 14, his first son, Hans Albert, was born.
  • Second Son

    On July 28, his second son, Eduard, was born.
  • General Relativity

    Completed the general theory of relativity
  • Period: to


    Married to Elsa Einstein
  • Books Written

    Special and General Theory: A Popular Commentary,
  • Books Written

    The Meaning of Relativity,
  • Nobel Prize in Physics

    He received the Nobel Prize in Physics.
  • Mileva

    He requested that the $32,000 awarded as the Nobel Prize in Physics be given to Mileva.
  • Books Written

    Quantum Theory of Monoatomic Ideal Gases,
  • Einstein Institute

    Einstein Institute founded in Potsdam
  • Book

    Studies in Brownian Theory of Motion
  • Elsa

    His wife Elsa passed away
  • Citizenship

    He became an American citizen without leaving his Swiss citizenship.
  • Prime Minister of Israel

    He received an offer to become prime minister of Israel, but he refused.
  • Death

    He died at the age of 76.