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albert einstein

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    Albert Einstein was born in the Bavarian city of Ulm on March 14, 1879. He was the eldest son of Hermann Einstein and Pauline Koch, both Jews whose families came from Swabia. The following year he moved to Munich, where the father was established, along with his brother Jakob, as a trader in electrical engineering developments of the time. when little Albert cuestionava about time and space
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    beginning advanced studies

    n 1894, the economic difficulties that the family did (increased since 1881, the birth of a daughter, Maya) moved to Milan, Einstein remained in Munich to finish high school, meeting with parents next year. In the fall of 1896, began her studies at the Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule in Zurich, where he was a pupil of the mathematician Hermann Minkowski, who later generalized four-dimensional formalism introduced by the theories of his former student
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    first job and marriage

    On June 23, 1902 began providing services in the Confederal Bureau of Intellectual Property Bern n 1903 he married Mileva Maric, a former classmate at Zurich
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    children born

    Hans and Eduard born in 1904 and 1910
  • first job

    In 1905, he published five papers in the Annalen der Physik, the first of which earned her doctoral degree from the University of Zurich, and the other four eventually impose a radical change in the picture that science provides the universe. Of these, the first provided a theoretical explanation, in statistical terms of Brownian motion, and the second was an interpretation of the photoelectric effect based on the hypothesis that light consists of individual quanta, called photons later, the two
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    becomes the Prussian Academy of Sciences.

    in 1912 to become professor of the Polytechnic, where he had studied. In 1914 he went to Berlin as a member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences. The outbreak of World War I forced him to leave his family, then vacationing in Switzerland and no longer meet him again
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    out of Germany and makes an assumption

    The outbreak of World War I forced him to leave his family, then vacationing in Switzerland and no longer meet him again. Against the general feeling of the academic community in Berlin, Einstein said that time was openly anti-war attitudes influenced by the doctrines pacifist Romain Rolland. In scientific terms, its activity is centered between 1914 and 1916, the improvement of the general theory of relativity, based on the assumption that gravity is not a force but a field created by the prese
  • Newton's theory refutes

    The confirmation of his predictions came in 1919, photographed the solar eclipse of May 29, The Times introduced him as the new Newton and refuting his theory and his international fame grew, forcing them to increase their outreach conferences around the world popularizing the image of the third class passenger rail, with a violin case under his arm.
  • s when he decides to leave the German

    Since 1933, with Hitler's accession to power, his loneliness was compounded by the need to renounce his German citizenship and moved to the United States, where he spent the last twenty years
  • begin studies by the atomic bomb and launched the first

    In 1939, at the urging of the physicists Leo Szilard and Wigner Paul, and convinced of the possibility that the Germans were able to manufacture an atomic bomb, addressed to President Roosevelt urging him to undertake a research program on atomic energy. After the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, joined scientists who sought to prevent the future use of the bomb at Hiroshima know what almost died because it was a great shock for the reason he did not know its discovery would be used for such
  • died

    United States, where he spent the last twenty years of his life at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton, the city where he died on April 18, 1955.