Airbags (:

  • first invented

    an industrial engineer by the name of John Wenrick was the first person to start developing the technology for safety devices like the airbag
  • prototyping

    Mercedes began prototyping airbags to be used in their vehicles.
  • Period: to

    Testing Airbags

    Ford and General Motors started to test airbags
  • Seat belts/Airbags

    The Carter Administration mandated that all cars must be manufactured with either automatic seat belts or air bags by model year 1984
  • Period: to


    “commercial” airbags are introduced
  • Required

    The United States government passed a law saying that any cars manufactured after that date would be required to come equipped with an airbag system.
  • Driver side airbags

    Mercedes Benz “S-class” is the first production car with driver side airbags.
  • Advances in technology

    NHTSA is working on upgrading side-impact safety standards for all passenger vehicles
  • more advances

    BMW has also been at the forefront of advanced airbag technology. Its 7 Series was an early adopter of knee airbags, which protect the legs and help the driver avoid sliding down and forward during a crash
  • future of device

    Sometime in 2012 controversial on/off switches of passenger side airbags
  • Head airbag

    looks a little like a big sausage and, unlike other airbags, is designed to stay inflated for about five seconds to offer protection against second or third impacts
  • Curtain Airbag

    Another option for head protection in side impacts