Air Bags

By k0k097
  • The first air bag

    The first air bag
    German, Walter Linderer and American, John Hendrik invented the first air bag.
  • Ford takes interest

    Allen Breed designed and effective and cheat crash sensor, Ford then started testing these 'sensors' or know as air bags.
  • General Motors Joins the bandwagon

    General Motors started to give their customers the option to get air bags incertain models of cars. Some didn't agree safety was going to help cars sell.
  • Becoming a big feature

    In the late 1980s air bags became a standard feature, when Chyrsler began incorporating them into their models.
  • Improving

    they had extended the air bags to the front passagers seat, or the drives seat, and discovered newer materials to make it more durible.
  • New places air bags are entered

    New places air bags are entered
    in 2006 Hoda were the first company to make air bags for motorcycles.
  • Double safety

    Double safety
    Now they discovered two places to use air bags, on the sides of car in the inside, and the main part the front dash board.