Age of The Revolution(:

  • Jun 9, 1215

    Magna Carta

    Used to stop the king which in this case was John.
  • English Thinkers

    -John Locke-self government
    -Thomas Hobbs- stated that all people are wicked.
  • English Bill of Rights

    A new law was put into play that the King's decisions need to be approved by Parliament before being performed or followed through.
  • French Revolution & Thinkers

    Charles-Louis Montesquieu- popular for the phrase fuedilism and byzantine empire
    -Born in France
    -Balance of Power
    -Checks and balances
  • Declaration of Independence

    -Written by Thomas Jefferson
    -Adopted by the Second Continental Congress
    -the rights of man
  • The American Revolution

    -Thomas Jefferson
    -George Washington
    -Declaration of Indedpendance
    -Articles of confederation
    -American bill of rights and constitution
    -war & british defeat
    -Nationalism in America
  • Nationalism in France

    -Starts a new era
    -Basis of Powwer & Authority change
  • French Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen

    -Mirrored the declaration of independence
    -"Liberty, Equality, Faternity"