advertising timeline

  • first ad

    The first newspaper advertisment was advertising for people to buy oysters was published in the boston times
  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benajim Franklins magazine prints the first american ad
  • First advertising agency

    Volney Palmer opens the first advertising agency.
  • Lipton

    Thomas Lipton goes into marketing
  • Electric signs

    Electric signs make their debut
  • radio commercial

    First radio commercial
  • Life publishes its first edition

    Life publishes its first edition. It later becomes the first magazine to carry 100 million$ annually in advertising.
  • JWT

    JWT becomes the first agency toi surpass $100 million in billings.
  • Political ad

    Firsrt political ad
  • Marlboro

    The marlboro man campaign debuts
  • Pepsi and cola

    Pepsi is in war with Cola