History of LED lighting

Timeline created by marietteachrist
  • The First Recorded Effects

    A radio engineer named H J Round who was working for Marconi performed some experiments using crystal detectors.The early detectors were made by using crystals call as semiconductors.
  • Experiments

    Rubin Braunstein reported that some simple diodes emit infrared light when connected to a current.
  • Yellow LED bulb

    M. George Craford has invented the first yellow LED and a brighter red LED and Thomas P. Pearsall developed high brightness light-emitting diode.
  • Cost Expensive

    At first Light-emitting diodes were very expensive, some US$200 per piece. Because of that, they were used as indicators only in highly professional laboratory equipment.
  • Todays LED lights

    Nowadays LED's are used in almost every place whether in the home or any commercial place. Electricians King of Prussia PA from
    D & D Electric Enterprises, Inc. has a knowledge of efficient and budget friendly LED's that are useful for decorating home.