Adam smith

Adam Smith

  • Adam smith's birth

    Adam smith's birth
    Adam Smith was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. His mother, a widower, raised him on her own in Kirkcaldy. He grew up in Kirkcaldy.
  • Smith is Baptised

    Smith is Baptised
    Smith was baptised Catholic (which was not uncommon at the time). He was a mere infant when he was baptised on this recorded date. He was baptised in his home town of Kirkcandy, Scotland
  • Early years

    Early years
    Smith went to school in Kirkcandy, where he received his primary education. In his primary schooling he learned mathematics, latin, history, and penminship (writing). This was the beginning of Smith's educational career.
  • Kidnapped by gypses

    Kidnapped by gypses
    Adam Smith was kidnapped when he was four by a bunch of gypsyies. The gypsyies let him go after a search party was sent out for him.
  • Higher Education

    Higher Education
    At this point Smith was showing great promise. He was accepted into University at Glasgow when he was merely fourteen. He accelled and was later excepted into Oxford.
  • Beginnings of a Prodigy

    Beginnings of a Prodigy
    Smith began lecturing at the University of Edinburgh. He was teaching fellow men the thing he was begining to learn. Doing this he meets David Hume, a philosipher and economist in 1750.
  • Smith teaches

    Smith teaches
    Smith becomes the chair of logic. He enjoys teaching greatly. It is one of his many gifts.
  • Continues teaching

    Continues teaching
    SMith is now teaching philosiphy. Smith is a very divout man and this is his way of spreading God's word. He also is teaching, which he absolutly loves.
  • Smith Leaves Academia

    Smith Leaves Academia
    Due to a minor nervous breakdown, Smith left Oxford for a breif break. He started to tutor the young duke of Buccleuch. He started to travel at this point.
  • Adam Smith Retires

    Adam Smith Retires
    After tutoring the duke, he is given a life pention. This means he gets a sum for the rest of his life. He happily retires at the age of 43.
  • Wealth of Nations

    Wealth of Nations
    After writing for a few years, Smith publishes Wealth of nations. It is a best seller and he becomes an influential author and economist. His book is still widely read today.
  • Tragedy

    The same year that he published his greatest work his best friend dies. Smith is devistated and deeply depressed. This loss makes his award winning book seem futile.
  • Smith makes Mercantilism popular

    Smith makes Mercantilism popular
    After writing his book, Smith became the foremost figure in propmoting mercantileism. With his efforts it led to our modern capitalist formation as a country. Arguably Smith was as important as our founding fathers.
  • Commisioner of Customs

    Commisioner of Customs
    Smith was appointed commisioner of customs in 1778. His job was to stop or at least hault illegal smuggling. He believed in this cause very much.
  • Smith dies

    Smith dies
    Adam Smith dies on july ninteenth, 1790. He died at the age of 67. He was never married and had no children.