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  • Description

    Mauricio Hernandez better know as Aczino, is a freestyler rapper, born on july 2,1991, in the municipality of La Paz inthe State of Mexico
  • Start of his Career

    Start of his Career
    In the year of 2007 he began his career in feestyler; in his firts tournament of 2 vs 2 with the pronoun os serial killer (formmer pornname) with the partner Lirico Inverso
  • First obstacle in his career

    First obstacle in his career
    In 2010, while it was establishing itself as one of the best movement freestyler, one of the Top Events (RBBDG) Stopped competinin Mexico, leaving the freestyle scene in Mexico without a national champion.
  • A great opportunity

    A great opportunity
    Due to (RBBDG) did not organize events in Mexico, in 2012, Aczino decided to bet everything he had and left the country heading Colombia to be able to compete in this event that was held in this country, becoming the first foreing national champion.
  • First National

    First National
    After four long yeras, in 2014 (RBBDG) returned to Mexico organizing a national which Aczino would win without problems classification for the international final held in Spain, losing in quarthers against the local leaving the name of Mexico high
  • His best year

    His best year
    In 2017 it was a magical year for him, since he won all the international competitions that there were that year, such as Supremacy, BDM, RBBDG, while reaffirming his nickname as the best freestyler in all history, being known as the devil. . .
  • Possible withdrawal

    Possible withdrawal
    2018 was not a year like the previous one in his career, so much so that while he continued competing he expressed that he wanted to retire, being at his best, although for an unknown reason he decided to continue in the movement.
  • Greater rivalry

    Greater rivalry
    Among their rivalries, we can find Chuty a Spanish freestyler who marked his rivalry against Aczino by being considered the best in the world, considered God (chuty) and the Devil (aczino), although in 2019, God level an international event 2 vs 2 united them as a couple, forming one of the pairs considered to be the best in history.
  • Retirement

    Without a doubt a rapper who marked an era, being called at this point in his career as "THE BEST CURSED FRESSTYLERO WHO IN THE WORLD HAS GONE", who sadly ended his career on March 7 of this year, in the Final FMS International, held in Peru, winning the final against his greatest rival and friend, being fired by throwing roses on stage.
  • Nowadays

    Currently this rapper has left his side as a competitor, however, now he is dedicated to being a judge in the competitions in which he once participated.