activity 2 Gabriel

By gxb2162
  • Apr 19, 1492

    America is discovered

    America being discovered is signifacant because if it had not happened none of us would be here.
  • first colony, Jamestown was established

    this made the first great leap in our culture today.
  • Period: to

    American revolution

    the american revolution was the dirty [art that needed to be done before the peace and prosperity. and we won.this was a monumental event in U.S. history
  • declaration of independance signed

    the declaration of independance signified the birth of a new country.
  • george washington elected

    this showed that we would be a new type of government not a monarchy but a democracy.
  • lousiana purchase

    the lousiana purchase effectivly doubled the size of our nation and was a great deal.
  • Period: to

    civil war

    the civil war changed us forever because it showed that we were not perfect and would be violent to each other.
  • assasination of abraham lincoln

    abraham lincoln was the first president to be assasinated.
  • pearl harbor bombing

    the pearl harbor bombing was a bombing that the japanise did on the americans when they were in world war 2.
  • bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki

    these bombings were the only two atomic bombings ever and were devastating to the japanese but in the end they surrendered.
  • manhattan project

    the mahattan project was the name of the developing of nuclear weapons in america. we were the first one so succesfully invent them and they were the first true weapons of mass destruction
  • NATO is formed

    this showed that we can , in fact, form lasting alliances with other countries as the NATO is still operational today.
  • vietnam war

    the vietnam war was made to stop the spread of communism and is veiwed as a mistake by many people. the reason forr this is because we did not need to go into vietnam; they were not doing anything bad to us.
  • cuban missile crisis

    the cuban missile crisis was a crisis that might have killed us all because the russans were giving missile to the cubans who were very close to the U.S.
  • JFK assasination

    the jfk assasination was influential because he was a very inportant president and we sorely lost him.
  • first man on the moon

    this showed that we had already explored most of the earth and are ready to explore space.
  • Aids virus discovered

    the aids virus is especially deadly because so far there is no cure evn with the cutting edge technology used today.
  • the cold war ends

    the cold war endong probably stopped the most destructive war in history from happening. if it had, massive amounts of radiation would have plauged the world.
  • virginia tech massacre

    the virginia tech massacre was when a person came inside virginia tech with a gun and shot 30 people then he shot himself.
  • death of osama bin laden

    when osama bin laden died, a great wieght was lifted off the shoulders of the amrican people. they were free from major terrorism for a little while!