Act 1 scene 3

  • lady capulet and jewls

    lady capulet goes to see juliet and ask of her age, at the last moment she asks the nurse to stay
  • Period: to

    romeo and juliet act 1 scene 3

    lady capulet seeks her daughter to ask her age with her nurse.
    lady capulet questions juliets thoughts on marriage and its revealed that she hasnt thought of it. juliet is then urged to think abought marrying paris
  • nurse babbles

    juliets nurse is asked her name and she continously prooving nothing except she knows juliet better then her own mother
  • juliets thoughts

    juliet is asked of what she thinks of marriage and its revieled juliet hasnt thought of marriage yet but finds it a honor
  • lady C preaches

    Juliet wont be the youngest wife or pregnant girl in verona, her mother was younger then her when she convieved juliet.
  • Paris is hot

    Paris is a high up on the social ladder and also very attractive. paris seeks juliets hand and she is informed
  • consider

    juliet is told to consider marrying paris and look to like him

    guests arrive at the party and its about to get funky