Accor Hotels

By kairts2
  • Release the tender for vendor

  • Period: to

    Website Revamp Project Phase 1

  • Vendor appointed

  • Brainstorming with department heads

  • Inputs submission from different departments

  • Evaluate, approve and submit the consolidated inputs file to supplier

  • Meeting with vendor to determine the scope of work

  • Final quote from vendor

  • Approval of quote, commence the work

  • 3 design mock-ups from vendor

  • Approval of the final selected design

  • Content to vendor

  • First review on the pages mock-ups

  • Second review on pages mock up

  • Third review on pages mock up. Send for internal checking

  • Feedback from different departments/management

  • Changes made based on consolidated departments' feedback. Send for second internal checking

  • Feedback from different departments after second round of checking

  • Final changes from the second feedback round

  • Final pages mock up from vendor for approval

  • Content and visual completed and approved

  • All testing phases completed

  • Launch of new website Phase 1

  • Discussions start for Phase 2