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Aaliayh 1979-2001

  • Birth date

    Birth date
    Aaliayh Dana Haughton was born, on January 16th
  • Stage debut

    Stage debut
    Made her stage debut at age seven as a orphan in the Gesu.
  • First appearence

    First appearence
    She appeared on television star search.
  • Gladys Knight married Aaliyah's uncle

    Gladys Knight married Aaliyah's uncle
    She performed at the wedding of her uncle's.
  • Meet R.Kelly

    Meet  R.Kelly
    Aaliayh was introduced to singer R. Kelly
  • Marriage/ song deciation

    Marriage/ song deciation
    She made her debut ablum ''Age aint nothing but a number and she was influenced my R.Kelly when she married on August 31.
  • accolplishments

    Aaliyah went on to tour the world at this time in support of debut eventually returing home to her performing arts studies majoring in dance.
  • Album release

    Album release
    After several collaborations Kris Kross among others and recording are you ready? for the sunset park soundtrack Aaliyah released her abulm one in a million.
  • Recored singles

    Recored singles
    Aaliyah recored singles for anastasia and Dr.Doolittle soundtracks
  • Big performance

    Big performance
    Aaliyah performed Journey to the past from Anatasia at the academy awards telecast, making her one of the youngest to ever perform at the Oscar nominated song in the production's history.
  • Death

    Aaliyah Dana houghtome died in a plane crash with 8 others almost 2 hours after fliming her last music video for hit ''Rock Da Boat'' , the third track on her self titled album ''AALIYAH''.