A Series of Historical Events Part 2

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  • Political - Treaty of Versailles

    On this day, WWI ended. This treaty set the terms and agreements on how it would end, and who would pay what.
  • Political - Benito takes Power

    On this day, Benito Mussolini took power in Italy. This would signal the construction of the Facsit Party.
  • Political - Stalin rises to Power

    On this day, Stalin becomes leader of the Soviet Union. This would lead to the rapid Industrialization of the Soviet Union
  • Economic - Black Tuesday

    On this day, the U.S. Stock Market crashed. This would result in one of the worst depressions the U.S. has ever seen
  • Political - Hitler becomes Chanceller

    On this day, Hitler becomes Chanceller of Germany. It was the first step that lead to his gradual rise in power.
  • Political - FDR Poses the New Deal

    On this day, FDR puts his New Deal into action. This would lead to the eventual rebuild of America's failing economy.
  • Dachau Opens

    On this day, Hitler opens the first concentration camp. This would lead to the major geocide of many people, mainly Jews.
  • Military - Japan invades Shanghai

    On this day, Japan took over one of China's major inland cities. It would lead to more conquering and other horid events.
  • Military - Rape of Nanjing

    On this day, Japan invaded the capital city, Nanjing. The Japanese soldiers commited many atrocities, like the rapeing and killing of women and children
  • Military - Pearl Harbor

    On this day, the U.S. Naval base was attacked by the Japanese. This would spark the U.S. involvment in WWII
  • Military - Battle of Coral Sea

    On this day, the U.S. one the battle of Coral Sea. This helped the U.S. with its campaign across the Pacific
  • Military - Battle of Midway

    On this day, the US one the battle of Midway. This battle was the perfect example of the U.S. idea of island hoping.
  • Military - D Day

    On this day, the Allie forces land on Normandy beach in a massive attack. It would be one of the last battles of the war.
  • Military - Battle of the Bulge

    On this day, the Allies beat the Germans at Bulge. This battle signaled the end of fighting in Europe.
  • Military - U.S. takes Iwo Jima

    On this day, the U.S. takes the island of Iwo Jima. This signaled the near ending of conflict in the Pacific
  • Social - FDR Passes Away

    On this day, one of the greatest presidents the U.S, has had passed away. He dies even before he can see the end of WWII, the war he spent his life fighting.
  • Military - U.S. drops the first atomic bomb on Hiroshima

    On this day, the U.S. drops the first nuclear weapon ever used in the history of Earth. It would signal the nuclear age of the mid 50s
  • U.S. drops another atomic bomb on Nagasaki

    On this day, the U.S. droped another atomic bomb on Japan. This would lead the way to Japans ineviteble surender.
  • Military - Japan Surenders

    On this day, Japan surenders to the U.S. This was the final nail in the coffin of fighting in the Pacific.
  • Social - The Iron Curtain Speech

    On this day, Churchil gave his famous Iron Curtain Speech. This would lead to a devide in Europe of Soviet and non Soviet.