A Piece Of Cake

  • Chapter 1-2 Pages 1-16

    The book takes place in San Diego on January 1976. Cupcake found her mother dead. She calls her dad and he pickes her up and takes her to the courts to figure out what they are going to do with the kids.
  • Chapter 2-8 Pages 17-54

    Cup just got taken to this mean lady named Diane. Shes mean because she beats her makes her do chores and doesn't feed her correctly. One night Dianes brother takes Cup into the bathroom and begans to touch her in certian places.
  • Chapter 8-14 Pages 55-94

    Cup begans to leave the house and hitch hike down the roads. She jets into mens cars and they take her where they are going and give her drugs and alchol. I think that she should not be doing that but she thinks she has to do that to find love.
  • Chapters 14-25 Pages 95-177

    Cup finds out that she is pregnant. She is really excited because now she has someone who she can love and live for. One night she got jumped by Connie and some of the other foster girls. She attends the doctor and sees that she lost the baby. She had a miscarrage.
  • Chapter 25-36 Pages 178-248

    Cup ends up joining a gang and gets shot. She recovers from it and moves back with her father. After she realizes that she can live by herself to get her trust fund. She continues to do drugs and have a couple more miscarriages. She finds a boyfriend that she has kept for a while and the only way he will stay is if she goes out and finds a job. She gets a job at a law place which she went back to college and graduated for that class.
  • Chapter 36-38 Pages 249-270

    Cup gets a job with the law enforcement degree that she got and she cant keep a job because she will be tardy or not show up. So once they are about to let her go she ends up finding a new job.
  • Chapters 38-40 Pages 271-290

    Cup has a stable job now. She has been showing up everyday and being on time which is making her happy. She is trying to quit drugs and drinking but its not working out as well. Cup is still using but she has to keep it from her job so she wont get fired.
  • Chapter 41-42 pgs 291-305

    Cup and Tommy get into a big fight bigger than what they would normally get into. She ends up calling the cops on him and he gets put in jail for a while. Cups new job with Ken isnt going very well because she isnt showing up again and doesnt want to do the paper work that she has to do.
  • Chapter 42-44 Pages 306-321

    Cup leaves her husband Tommy for good. She stays with one of her friends Mona. Cup is still trying to quit smoking and drinking. She comes up with another lie that she has colon cancer and her boss Ken believes her so she could have more time off. One morning she wakes up next to a dumpster and she thinks that she got raped again by a drug dealer.
  • Chapters44-45 Pages 321-338

    Cup gets tired of Monas rules so she moves out and starts to drink, somke, and hitchhike again. She tries to compit suicid so she starves her self and sleeps by the dumpster again. She ends up being so skin ny that her bones are now showing. She goes to her boss Ken and tells him what has happened then she agrees to get taken to the hospital for help.