A Million Little Pieces, James Frey, 430 Pages, Fiction

  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 1-50

    James wakes up in an airplane with a huge gash in his cheek and no recolection of how he got there. He is a drug addict, an alcoholic and a criminal. He is being sent to rehab.
    fiction, pgs 1-50, RT: 1,134
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 51-74

    James has to get new teeth. He gest root canals and all sorts of stuff and undergoes the precidure without any drugs whatsoever! He endures the excrutiatingly painful experience and gets new teeth. A girl that he has met, Lilly, likes the new teeth.
    fiction, pgs 51-74, RT: 1,158
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 75-109

    James decides he wants to just leave the hospital and find some drugs and kill himself. When he leaves, Leonard follows him outside and convinces him to stay at least another twenty-four hours so he can think about it some more.
    fiction, pgs 75-109, RT: 1,193
  • A Million Litlle Pieces, Pages 113-144

    James's friends and brother come to visit him. He talks to his parents on the phone. He meets Lilly's grandmother. Lilly calls James to tell him that her grandmother thinks he is handsom. This makes James very happy and at the end of his twenty-four hours he decides to stay.
    fiction, pgs 113-144, RT: 1,228
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 144-170

    James talks to Joanna about getting better. He's given the first program to complete of the twelve-step program. He meets a new guy named Matty who James thinks is really fun. James also gets a new room.
    fiction, pgs 144-170, RT: 1,254
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 171-215

    James learns about Leonard's past and becomes closer to him. James recieves a workbook for the first step. James and Lily meet somewhere outside and he tells her how he lost his virginity.
    fiction, pgs 1171-215, RT: 1,299
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 219-229

    Jame's parents are coming to the Clinc. They plan to participate in the family plan. This really upsets James.
    fiction, pgs 219-229, RT: 1,313
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 230-247

    James and Lily meet up again and he tells her about the time he fell in love. Jame's parents arrive at the clinic.
    fiction, pgs 230-247, RT: 1,331
  • A Million Little PIeces, Pages 247-264

    James begins the Family Program with his parents. He tell his mom and dad about all the things he has done. It is very hard for everyone, but things went better than James had expected.
    fiction, pgs 247-264 , RT: 1,348
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 264-298

    James continues with the Family Program. He starts to feel a lot better about making progress with his parents. They all discuss his legal situation and discover that he's facing a 3 year sentence in prison in Ohio.
    fiction, pgs 264-298 , RT: 1,382
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 298-331

    James and LIlly fall in love. James's parents have to leave for business. A member in the unit tells James about Lilly's past.
    fiction, pgs 298-331, RT: 1,415
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 331-358

    Lilly's grandmother has cancer. Lilly and James get caught seeing each other. Lilly leaves the unit. James leaves to find her. He receives the help of Hank and Lincoln. James find Lilly doing crack in an abandoned building with an old man. James brings her back to the Medical Center.
    fiction, pgs 331-358, RT: 1,442
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 361-375

    James is going to prepare an inventory to confess to a Priest. Leonard throws a fiest for all the patients to celebrate his departure from the Treatment Center.
    fiction, pgs 361-375, RT: 1,459
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 375-390

    James is preparing to leave the Treatment Center. Leonard asks James to be his son and also mentions how he has covered the cost of Lilly's stay at the Treatment Center.
    fiction, pgs 375-390, RT: 1,474
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 390-407

    James confesses to a priest. He confesses everything and feels good for doing so.
    non-fic, pgs 390-407, RT: 1,491
  • A Million Little Pieces, Pages 407-430

    James leaves the clinic with his brother and a friend. James insists the first thing they do is go to a bar. They go to a bar and James orders forty dollars worth of alcohol. James learns to replace the Fury inside him with something else, and he knows he will never touch the substance(s) again.
    non-fic, pgs 407-430, RT: 1,514